Food Review : Korean Food Festival at Sheraton Bangalore

Hi Friends,

After heavy shopping at Orion mall we were really hungry and this time we were in mood to try something different, new flavors which can give that kick to our taste buds.

Sheraton Bangalore at Brigade Gateway 
came to our rescue, as they were running 
Korean Food Festival

Korean Food Festival Buffet setup at Feast, Sheraton Bangalore at Brigade Gateway

You hardly find Korean cuisine in the restaurants, Sheraton Bangalore are the leaders in market to start serving Korean food as part of multi-cuisine buffet menu at their signature restaurant Feast.

Visiting Chef’s Link Chan Jae Chung and Shane Yun-Gi Hong from The Sheraton Seoul D-Cube City Hotel are Specialist in Korean Cuisine, Under supervision of Chef Marty introduced traditional and authentic Korean delights, which according to them have authentic Korean flavor and high quality ingredients are either locally sourced or imported from Korea. They even removed some dishes from menu as the ingredients were not available locally, so no compromise. As a long term perspective they also want to serve Korean wine and beer as part of the cuisine. Chef introduced us to Kimchi which is national dish of Korea and according to chef you can find more than 200 varieties of Kimchi being prepared, depending on region in which its being prepared. They like it so much that they even carry their own Kimchi when they travel. Hearing all this we were further excited to try the cuisine.
Decor of Feast had a lot of Korean pictures and soothing lighting to create a great Korean aura.

Chef Link

Without any further delay we decided to attack on food. We were amazedwith the widespread menu 

We started off with 
Korean Spicy Squid Soup (Non-Veg)
Korean Kimchi Soup (Non-Veg)
-- Highly Recommended

There was no veg option here, though Kimchi soup didnt had any meat in it, but traditional kimchi soup is made in seafood broth hence no veg option.
Soups were really flavorful, honestly I loved Kimchi soup with the seafood taste and Kimchi, absolutely amazing and one of the showstealers of the evening, Highly recommended

Action Station
Vegetarian Korean Dumpling (Veg)
Korean Chicken Dumpling (Non-Veg)

Korean Dumplings

Both Veg and Non-Veg Dumplings had good filling which had great flavor, but if the wrappers (coating) could have been thinner that  would have been amazing.

Cold Items
Korean Kimbap (Korean Rice Roll with Seasoned Laver) (Veg-Non-veg)
Dong Chimi Korean Water Kimchi (Veg)
Konguksu; Cold Noodles with Soya Broth (veg)
Gulyeonpan wraps with 8 delicacies (Veg)
Cold Cut station

Dong Chimi Korean Water Kimchi was tangy in flavor and different.


Konguksu was cold noodles with soya broth and tasted very similar to kheer or saviyaam with very less sugar :)

Chef Marty preparing Konguksu

Korean Kimbap and Gulyeonpan wraps were like sushi's and tasted good, we had a lot of them :)

Korean Kimbap and Gulyeonpan wraps with Korean painting

Fun with Korean Kimbap

Cold cut station was amazing and i loved baby octopus, but instead of regular sauce I loved them in Kimchi soup :)

Cold Station setup

Bibimbap Station 
Seasoned Vegetables with Rice and Gochujang Sauce. Nice combination of veggies and rice, the main ingredient in dish was fermented chilli sauce, according to chef they keep chilli from 3 to 50 years to ferment before they use it. Isn't that amazing. To me it sounded similar to our pickles but even they aint left for 50 years.

Main Course

Braised Pork Belly with Kimchi (Non-Veg) -- Highly Recommended
Korean Hot and Spicy Chicken (non-Veg)
Japchae Stir Fried Noodles (Veg)
-- Highly Recommended
Sweet  and sour Pork (Non-Veg)

Braised Pork Belly with Kimchi

We started with Braised Pork Belly with Kimchi, they prepared it by placing pork and kimchi in pot and slow cooking it for hours to soak up the flavors and you have prepared an amazing dish, cooked to perfection. A dish worth trying - Highly Recommended

Korean Hot and Spicy chicken

Hot and Spicy chicken was good in taste but a bit chewy, not a big fan of this.

Japchae Stir Fried Noodles

Loved Japchae Stir Fried Noodles very flavorful and veggies were having a great salsa dance with noodles like one soul. Really amazing and Not like the regular Chinese noodles we have.-- Highly Recommended

Sweet and Sour Pork

Sweet and Sour Pork was again and great dish loved the serving with great sauce, wish pork could have been more moist.

Dessert Counter

Song Pyon
Honey Rice Cake
Baek Seol Ki; Steamed Rice Cake
Cinnamon Punch

For desserts i had mixed reaction, they have good flavour but I was not really a big fan.

We ended the day with some Korean Green Tea it spices like cinnamon, it tasted a lot like Kashmiri Kahwa and I really enjoyed it and had another serving.

Korean Green Tea
Bonsai Tree
Setup at Feast, Sheraton Bangalore

Overall taste of Korean food is nice and you will be able to experience different flavors on palate, flavors are not overpowering and food is easy on stomach.

So guys we will highly recommend you to visit Feast at Sheraton Bangalore to try Korean Food.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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