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Are you planning to do up your new home or infuse your existing one with something new? 

Then here’s some fashionably-relevant news you can use! 


Guess What I’ve Got My Hands On…
I’ve got credible info on the latest, defining Trends in Home Interiors for 2022-23.  

My source? Simply Sofas, of course. 


Remember I visited their store last month and got to see the largest collection of luxury furniture from Europe? Around the same time, their editorial team was on the ground at Milan Design Week in Italy, relaying the latest in furniture design and home interiors from the world’s most influential design event.  


Now that the team is back, they’ve compiled an amazingly easy-to-understand Trend Report which you can download here for free. Unlike other reports of the event covered by a few design houses and brands, this one’s comprehensive and gives a clear idea while being specific in its details. Drawing attention to a set of defining influences in interior décor for 2022-23 that’s easy for a non-architect layperson to understand. Here are a few from the report that I’m looking forward to implementing at home.


Trending Materials for 2022-23



Apparently at Milan, everyone was talking about bouclé – the dense, looped, almost-fluffy fabric once found on luxury jackets. It’s now on sofas, chairs and even wall panels, making for a cosy interior experience. 



Milan Design Week also marked a resurgence in White Marble. A range of whites, especially mottled greys, are the new neutral. As seen on cabinetry, walls, panels, tabletops, flooring and more.


Trending Colours for 2022-23


Bold, deep tones, in various hues and tints, are IN. 

Burnt orange, rust-brown, mustard, rich blues… I’m so looking forward to more of these at home.


Trending in New Design for 2022-23



Flat block colours on the walls are OUT. Gentle textures, monotone dimensionality, mottled two-tone effects, and accent lighting are IN and here to add character and finesse to spaces. 

(Can’t wait to get this done at home!)


Planters for every space! Adding plants for clean air and visual richness is now a norm. Design innovation is in how easy it is to care for and manage them. This trend gets a big, green thumbs up from me!

To know more about the fascinating trends in the report, download the complete Simply Sofas’ Milan Design Week Trend Report here at simplysofas.in. Let me know in comments below which ones you find interesting, or the ones that you’ll implement in your home.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 

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