Fashion Trends Autumn Winter Prints

Hi Everyone,

WINTER print - is lot more interesting than just the traditional blocks of black, grey, navy and brown colour palettes that so often dominate the season.

Get ready to ward off Winter's grip in pretty palettes, Sixties prints and flashes of shining gold.When it feels cold outside, you should bring warmth and personality into what you wear. And nothing says that better than a spiralling, fresh pattern or painterly splatters.

Even so, if you do prefer a more sombre palette, then this is exactly the time to make sure the pieces you do choose are those that come with some sort of razzle-dazzle too. Winter print is underpinned by bold graphics, geometric formations and an often slightly jarring (but in a good away) colourway. Wild influences, patchwork effect and flashes of vibrant red updated the rules of the classic and eternal winter wear at MaxFashions

Fashion Tip - the BEST way to wear Winter Prints is either head-to-toe as one item such as a dress or coat; or select one choice piece and make that your sartorial centrepiece.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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Whisky Tasting by Amrut Distilleries at The Glass House

Hi Friends,

This week we went to blind whisky tasting session organized by...

Amrut Distilleries 
The Glass House, Indiranagar

It was a fun event where 6 whiskys have to be tasted and rated on -

*Texture and 
*overall feel of Whisky

 and if possible name the whisky
Sounded interesting!!

We got to a table which was organized with an endless array of whisky tasting glasses,
which set the mood for the challenge ahead :)

Van Heusen- Most Fashionable Professional

Hi Everyone,

Formal wear or work wear is always thought of so boring and not trendy in fashion circles. 
However, the fact is that your workwear can give distinction to your company, helping you uplift your brand and reputation. So, it is important for you to carefully choose your workwear. 

Fret Not, Van Heusen, our favorite premium lifestyle brand, is here to tell you the important things that you need to take into account with regard to how to choose the right workwear.

Don't we always swear by the fashion quotient infused by Van Heusen outfits in every work wardrobe. Taking the same league further, recently Van Heusen partnered with the world’s largest professional social networking site, LinkedIn, and launched the Season II of its successful contest, Most Fashionable Professional. With the intent to identify 10 most fashionable professionals, the contest is targeted at LinkedIn’s member-base of 26 million professionals.

Here bringing you the 5 winners who perfected the office-chic fashion

They share with us their fashion and style statement and show us how we can be trendy and stylish in our workspace ...