Mantra for Online Shopping - Flipkart Assured

Hi Everyone,

With the digital surge in our country, the way of living has changed considerably.
Online shopping has been really growing very fast all over the world, especially in India. No more braving the traffic, shuffling through products or waiting in queues...
no wonder, I became quite addicted to online shopping myself.

Ease of getting the products delivered to my home with just few clicks, sounded like a dream.
However, within no time my dream was shattered when I burnt my fingers with the quality of products and delivery time being main issues of online shopping.

Though I always wanted to shop online, however, due to above issues, online shopping was off my list for quite some time.

That's when my BFF introduced me to "Flipkart Assured".
As she mentioned..... Flipkart, the poster boy of online shopping in India, have rolled out their latest offering to rid you of your anxiety. The largest e-commerce portal has launched “Flipkart Assured” a quality and speed assurance program.

I immediately recalled, "No Kidding campaign" from Flipkart - the one which made all of us fall in love with Flipkart in first place. 

I couldn't stop myself from jumping with joy and explore it further!!

I am sure nobody could miss this new really cute ad from Flipkart -

OH MY GOD, the ad is so much fun. 
The kids actually make sure you don’t change the channel when they are on. I loved it. The way vivacious girl dressed as an old lady answers the handsome boys dressed as watchman shows that a smart shopper believes in “Flipkart assured”.

Flipkart Assured is the new measure in online shopping. 

It’s a process through which Flipkart guarantees speed and quality. “Flipkart assured” products go through six rigorous quality checks, are packed with care and delivered on time.

Look for the
badge next to your product, and get amazed by the service. 

And the brilliant part unlike “Amazon Prime”, you don’t have to pay to use the service and it’s available to all customers of Flipkart, not partiality.

With this new service, Flipkart aims to reach new heights of customer satisfaction and delight.

For sure, Flipkart knows how to make our shopping experience better !!

Digging all my worries, I am proud to be ‘Happy Shopper’ with Flipkart.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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