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Hi Everyone,

As you guys know, we love traveling and that too in STYLE.
I am not a light packer.
I want my looks to as perfect I visualize them in my head, hence I always pack load more options to be prepared always.

During the process of travel blogging, I learnt...... Packing is an art !!
 While traveling we face a lot of challenges, like we have to get up early to get the best shots, also we have no time to iron our clothes during travel in mornings. But its always required for our clothes and accessories to be at their best since, we have to make sure we put our best foot forward.

You know how difficult it is to get stains removed from designer clothing. One of my favorite shirt had a Red wine stain and another one had a bad gravy spot. One of my Gucci heels got damaged, I was concerned about its repair.

We heard great reviews about PRESSTO and decided to avail their cobbler and dry-cleaning services.
At Pressto Dry-cleaning reception they explained that every garment is expertly cared for through a custom made process. Pressto uses globally benchmarked cleaning products, equipment and methods to ensure that your belongings get the best possible care.

Each garment is closely supervised as it goes through the 7 stage cleaning process. Stain removal is done though ultrasonic gun and specialized Pressto products.
You can give your preference to get the garments packed in hanger or folded.

I was happy to see satisfied customers picking their designer clothing after dry-cleaning and I was sure that my stuff is in expert hands.
With pressto you have complete peace of mind, they use globally bench-marked products to take care of your cute heels.
Pressto provides 2 hour delivery service to deal with last min emergencies and to make sure that you are always in your best attire.

During Pickup, I was amazed to see that the stain marks were gone and the clothes were packed in best take away packaging to make sure they can survive travel and we are able to wear wrinkle free clothes on our travel. And Pressto Cobbler could fix my heels as well. YAY!!

Pressto service is about attention and care for each and every product. Pressto, genuinely care for your wardrobe favorites and you can expect nothing less than a perfectly done attire.
I have to say the overall satisfaction with Pressto service is amazing, I got the work done up to my satisfaction and to add the packaging was great and I was able to relish my holiday without spending time to worry about the laundry service at hotel.

For more information 

Visit – http://www.presstoindia.com

Call – 1800229199

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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