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Hi Everyone,

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Do you hate getting up in the morning ?

Then getting yourself work-ready is a BIG task in itself !!

But being a woman you cant afford to go to your work place looking Drab without any makeup.

Here are my TIPS and Tricks to a prim proper YOU in 10 minutes

1. Cushion your time with the right clothes - I always have my outfits ready well in advance, at all times based on the season. This means, go home tonight and coordinate two failsafe ensembles. Try them on, make sure you like how they look and keep them in mind when you’re in a pinch. If all else fails, go all black and wear a fun pair of shoes along with one quirky accessory.

TIP - While in hurry, opt for wrinkle free outfits. Avoid spoiling your outfits due to last minute laundry goof-ups.

2. Makeup - Wake up your complexion with a good old-fashioned splash of cold water. As long as you thoroughly cleansed the night before, you can get away with just a rinse in the morning. Then apply your favorite tinted moisturizer or BB Cream.
  • Despite your love of liquid eyeliner, my favorite work-appropriate eye makeup must is Glide-On eye pencils. These are more precise and works well for butter fingers.
  • Finally, take 10 seconds to curl your lashes and swipe on 2 coats of volumizing mascara. Trust me, curled lashes is the best way to make yourself look awake–it really opens up the eyes.
  • Highlight the brow bone to look instantly awake, erase dark under-eye circles, and hide imperfections all over.
  • Lips - Stash your favorite tinted lip balm or moisturizing gloss in your purse and swipe it on as you dash out the door.
  • Take the final minute to make your finishing touches–a dab of blush of the cheeks, a dusting of finishing powder, a spritz of your signature scent.

3. Hair - Step away from the hot tools. Instead, decide which of your two office-friendly hairstyles suits you. Are you a braid girl or a bun girl? Take two minutes and whip your hair into a style that keeps it out of your face and off your mind. Best thing to achieve when in hurry to suit all office environment is a front hair poof and a messy look –and you’re off to work! 

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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