Eid Mubarak !! with Hyderabadi Food Festival at Grand Mercure Bangalore

Eid Mubarak Folks !!

This week we went to try some Hyderabadi food at

Daawat-E-Khas (Hyderabadi food festival)
Grand Mercure, Bengaluru

Hyderabad and Delhi are the 2 places where I relish food during Ramzan, and I really miss those street foods and food stalls during Ramzan. Though Mosque road was one of excitement point during Ramzan, but unfortunately even that has been closed for some reason (guess it was too much torture for residents).
When I heard that from 1st -10th July Grand Mercure is organizing Hyderabadi food festival called Daawat-E-Khas, I could not resist but to go and try it.

Join us in this Foodography journey through Daawat-E-Khas The Hyderabadi Food Festival

We started the day with loads of Starters

Chicken Hariyali Kebab
Fish Tikka -- Recommended
Patthar Gosht -- Highly Recommended
Veg Galauti
Masala Khumb -- Highly Recommended
Nizami Paneer Tikka

 Kaleji (Liver) Masala followed shortly after, I love Kalegi and if its in menu I have to try it, I have to mention that Kaleji Masala here was cooked to perfection and spices were balancing it well. They served Roomali Roti with it, but believe me I can eat loads and loads of it just like that :)

Haleem and Breads
Haleem was good from what I have tasted in Bangalore till now. But compared to Hyderabad Haleem, I will give it a 7. 

 Biryani and Chicken Korma

Biryani was good and being a Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, it was living it up to its taste with all the authentic Hyderabadi Flavours and tender chicken -- Highly Recommended
Chicken korma was nice, but a bit of more chilli would have done the trick for me. Still good try for someone looking for something less spicy.


Sheer Kurma -- Highly Recommended
Khubani ka Meetha -- Recommended
Double ka Meetha 

Since it was raining outside and was a bit cold, Hot Sheer Kurma just worked well for me and I loved the flavours merging together, just perfect!!

We ended the evening with Nawabi Paan

Overall good food and Hyderabadi flavours were authentic, definitely a must try if you are also missing Hyderabadi flavours during Eid.. :)

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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