Baking Recipe by Courtyard Marriott

Summer vacation are here and this is the time you should relax with family and recreate some of the favorite recipes you and your family can relish.

Baking is something we all enjoy and recently we had an amazing
Baker's Basics session by Chef Rahul Kumar
Courtyard and Fairfield Marriott 

Our day started with welcome drink
Ferrero Rocher Shake

Some small Chocolate Bites

Sharing some recipes which you can enjoy Baking with family

Lets start with Baking 


Ingredients and Quantity
Flour:                          1kg
Sugar:                         30g
Salt:                            18g
Yeast:                          35g
Olive oil:                      80ml
Bread Improver:           5g
Gluten:                        5g
Chilled water:               500ml
Rosemary:                   10g
Rock salt:                    5g
Olives:                        100g

Weigh all the ingredients
Mix flour, sugar, salt, rosemary, gluten and bread improver in a bowl
Pour olive oil and water in it and mix it well
Add yeast at the end and make the dough
Allow the dough to rest
Divide the dough into smaller parts of 250gms each
Flatten it and insert olives on top
Once it is proofed, sprinkle rock salt on top and bake it at 230ᵒC for 15-20 minutes
Once baked, pour olive oil on top and serve

Red Velvet Pastry to try in between Baking :)


Ingredients and Quantity
Philadelphia cheese:        450g
Castor sugar:                 135g
Fresh Cream:                 100g
Condensed milk:             250g
Flour:                            25g
Egg white:                      2nos.
Egg Yolk:                       3nos.

For the base:
Digestive biscuit:             200g
Melted butter:                 100ml

Cream the cheese and add 100g of sugar in it.
Pour Fresh cream and milk maid in it. Mix it thoroughly.
Make a smooth mixture and keep it aside.
Whip egg yolks in a separate bowl and mix it in cheese mixture.
Fold flour in the mixture.
Whip egg white and 35g of sugar in a separate bowl and fold it in the cheese mixture.
For base take biscuit crumbs and melted butter. Mix it and line a ring ( 8 inch diameter).
Pour this cheese mixture in it.
Pre heat the oven at 160°/170° C.
Bake it in double boiling for around one hour.
Cool it and serve it with fresh berries.


Ingredients and Quantity
Egg yolks:                         5nos.
Sugar:                               125g
Fresh cream:                      100g
Mascarpone cheese:            500g
Whipped cream:                 150g
Coffee Espresso:                30ml
Sponge fingers:                  6nos.

For sugar syrup:
Coffee liquor:                    100ml
Sugar:                               100g
Water:                               100g
Coffee powder:                  30g

On double boiling whip egg yolks and sugar
Make it fluffy and pour fresh cream in it
Keep it aside
In a separate bowl, cream the cheese and fold the whipped cream and pour coffee espresso in it
Fold this mixture into egg yolk mixture
For the sugar syrup, combine all the ingredients and whisk it until sugar melts
Take a glass bowl and dip the sponge fingers into the syrup and place it in the bottom
Pour half the creamy cheese mixture on it and again place dipped sponge fingers
Pour the creamy cheese mixture and keep it in the refrigerator
Sprinkle cocoa powder on top and serve

Hope you enjoyed the Recipe
Try them they are simple and you will love baking

 Now that we have baked some amazing dishes lets try some Minion bites, they look so cute, how can you eat them :)

Different Flavors of Ice Tea

 Really loved the multiple flavors of Ice Tea, you have to try them next time you are at Courtyard Marriott

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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