The Royal Afghan : Food for Kings

Grilled cravings were overpowering our weekend so we planned our dinner at 

The Royal Afghan
Robust flavours of the North-West Frontier
ITC Windsor

The Royal Afghan, is located by the pool side under a huge ‘Peepal’ tree. It offers the most picturesque location for serving this unique cuisine of the North West Frontier. Adding to ambience are Copper candle-stands with glass chimneys, throw a romantic mellow light on the highly polished marble tabletops, gleaming copper tumblers and the ochre earthenware. 

The British demarcated the North-West Frontier Province in the year 1900, which comprised parts of Afghanistan, and the Northwest part of pre independence India. The cuisine has been inspired by the essence of North West frontier tradition, Food is cooked in Clay oven called Tandoor, in traditional style.

In this cuisine meat is not accompanied by any sauce or gravy, but only pre-marinated and cooked before serving. It takes high skill on the part of chefs to acquire the ability to gauge spices, mix marinades, and the most vital of all, to judge the heat of the tandoor and the time necessary for each dish to be perfectly cooked.

Join us on Foodography jouney through The Royal Afghan

Murgh Malai Kabab
Boneless Chicken blended with cream, cheese, malt, vinegar, green chilli and coriander. Grilled in Tandoor.

Tandoori Jhinga -- Highly Recommended
Prawns marinated in ajwain flavoured mixture of yogurt, red chilies, turmeric, garam masala and roasted over charcoal fire. 

Fish Tikka -- Recommended
Tender cubes of boneless fish, mildly spiced with chili, garam masala, turmeric powder, and roasted in clay oven

Barrah Kabab -- Highly Recommended
Chunks of leg of lamb and chops marinated in mixture of yogurt, malt vinegar and melange of spices, char-grilled over Red Hot Embers

Tandoori Jhinga
Barrah Kabab
Murgh Malai Kabab
Fish Tikka

Main Course

Dal Bukhara -- Highly Recommended
Combination of black lentils, tomatoes, ginger and garlic, simmered overnight on slow charcoal fire and finished with cream, served with a dollop of unsalted butter.
I am Big fan of dal and I have to say that Dal bukhara here was one of the best I have had, definitely a must try

Sikandari Raan -- Highly Recommended
Leg of spring lamb braised in a marinade of malt vinegar, cinnamon, black cumin and red chilli paste, cooked over tandoor.
This is Food for Kings :)
Reminded me of food near jama Masjid area in Delhi, India. 
Lamb was tender and full of flavours, one of the best in Bangalore.

Murgh Makhani 
Chicken tikka tossed in tomato, cream and cashew gravy, garnished with ginger and swirl of cream.

Seekh Kabab
Tender lamb mince mixed with ginger, green chilies and coriander, spiced with royal cumin and saffron, skewered and grilled over charcoal fire.

Sikandari Raan
Murgh Makhani


Kulfi -- Highly Recommended
Rich and creamy mawa kulfi served with corn starch vermicelli ( easy words Falooda ) and rose syrup.
Ask for extra Falooda it goes really well with kulfi.

Gulab Jamun
Reduced milk dumplings stuffed with pistachios and cardamom, deep fried and doused in sugar syrup.

Red Wine and Shunya Aqua

Overall great evening spend eating Food of Kings, Amazing food and hospitality by ITC Windsor.

If you are in lookout for Tandoori Paradise, this is the place guys, I am sure you will fall in love.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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