Travel Gujarat with The Fern Sattva Resort, Dwarka

Post an amazing getaway at Gir (read more here) , we were excited to explore Gujarat. 

Our Next Destination was Dwarka, we planned our stay there at

The Fern Sattva Resort, Dwarka

Our Next adventure was Gujarat’s coastal route to Dwarka:
Gir - > Somnath - > Porbandar - > Dwarka

About 70km from Gir National park, we have Somnath Jyotirling Temple. Located at Western Ghat of Gujarat, is believed to be the first of the 12 Jyotirling of Lord Shiva. Somnath is reconstructed several times in past after repeated distruction from several invaders and rulers. Construction of present temple was completed in  May 1951.

Somnath Jyotirling

The Temple is divine and just with the look at the Shivling you feel so good and pure. One our way out we most beautiful sight of Arabian sea.

After some food, we started our road trip to Dwarka. and our next destination en-route was Porbandar. The road till Porbandar is good and at places we were driving next to coast enjoying view of lovely Arabian sea.

Windmills along the way to Dwarka

Porbandar is a small town with old Gujarat vibes. Here we visited Kirti Mandir, which is the ancestral house of Gandhi Family, where Mahatma Gandhi was born. Its located in a small lane, with a lot of old houses located in lane.

You must try some local peanuts here, they are amazing.

Porbandar has an old world charm to it, you can find many old houses and doors near Kirti Mandir

Road from Porbandar to Dwarka, is being build into a bigger 6 lane highways, hence you have to compromise on some road quality for now. I will also suggest to have some snacks in Porbandar, since with road construction it will be difficult to spot any hotel near highway.

After about 130km we reached Dwarka, at awesome

The Fern Sattva Hotel & Resort Dwarka

Right at the first look of the hotel, we were like wow. The Hotel is build on the concept of palace, with amazing interiors. We were mesmerized by the essence of hotels unhurried luxury. 

Our Suite featured a living room and private balcony on one level, and an opulent bedroom on the next, looking out into the Arabian Sea. We woke up to the wafts of breeze blowing in from the Arabian Sea. We enjoyed our tea in the Balcony and then headed to the Flute Café for breakfast. 

Suite at Fern Sattva Hotel and Resort

The day was roller coaster ride from spiritual to luxury.

We started our day with early darshan at Dwarkadhish temple, we you have to meet the almighty lord Krishna when you are in Dwarka, the temple itself is so mesmerizing you just get so attached to it, idol of Krishna, oh I cannot even explain about it, I was just lost in the beauty of the idol, and overall experience walking through the temple with priest explaining us the importance of each and every place, and telling us Why Rukmani Devi temple is not there in Dwarkadhish temple. Interesting story !!

Dwarkadhish temple

Next we went to Rukmani Devi temple, followed by Nageshwar Jyotirling Temple. Then we were in mood of some beach and went to nearby beach to just relax and take a deep breadth in the purity of this place. Its just amazing.

Rukmani Devi Temple
Nageshwar Jyotirling
We came back to luxury at hotel and took a cool dip in the amazing pool which was so inviting.
Fern hotel serves one of the best vegetarian food available in and around Dwarka, do give try them when you are there you will absolutely love it.

Overall a great experience with Fern Hotel, here are a few things to do:

1.    Go to Dwarkadish temple and other temples early, footfall increases as day progresses.
2.    Have some extra days to plan for scuba diving, its beautiful here.. we missed it this time.
3.    Do visit Bet Dwarka, island towards north of Dwarka.
4.    Keep beach shorts handy for spending some time at beach

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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