Fashion Trend : Summer Maxi Dress + My-Wardrobe Giveaway Winner

Hi Everyone,

Striped Maxi - FoxHouse
Blazer - Mango
Watch - Chanel
Though summers are here, I am not ready to compromise on style. However, I can't ignore the comfort factor as well, since summers are not too generous with colors or fits. Finding a striking garment that satisfies our top outfit concerns and is a delight to wear is like the clothing equivalent of striking gold - Rare but Amazing. 

Now, Luckily, there is a wardrobe staple that not only meets the above criteria, but also the essence of summery chic ~ The Maxi Dress.

Maxi Dresses, can be worn in a casual way for day or dressed up for the evening. They not only come in an array of fits, flow and fabrics, they are adaptable and accommodating. Here's how to style Maxi Dress -

1. Pick the right fabric - Right fabric is most important aspect of the Maxi dress which decides its comfort, fall and fit. Often cotton fits in the best, however, Georgette with viscose lining also does the wonder.

2. Examine the length -  Maxi-dresses come in an array of different styles - with some falling just a little bit further from your knee and others playing happily around your ankles, so deciding on a length that you feel comfortable with while purchasing one is important and ultimately dependent on your height. Choosing a length that finishes just before your feet, or adjusting the hemline so that it does, is generally the most flattering style, and ensures that you won't be swamped in a sea of fabric !!

3. Choose your shoes - Wedges and flats are the key !! They are the soul-mate to maxis. Anything with a slight heel too will work, however, for heels lover like me, nothing else can fit better :)

4. Control the flow - To look stylish in longer hems without projecting any signs of frumpy-ness, is solely dependent on how you style it. Give shape to your maxi by throwing one fitted garment - waistcoat, blazer, shrug or a high-waisted belt are the tricks to control the frumpy-ness.

5. Accessories well - Personality-showing details in accessories like a bowler hat and boots or a quirky ribbon belt defines your persona and will make your maxi stand out. Finish your ensemble with a petite across-body bag which works perfectly to make it an unfussy outfit. For evening look, Satin shoes and subtle gold accents in cuff and bag will bring a sense of luxury to your captivating ensemble.

Prints, stripes, frills or solid colors !! Pick your Maxi and don it without fear :)

Thank you friends for your overwhelming response to My-Wardrobe Giveaway.
All the entries were validated before declaring the winner.
The Lucky winner of the My-Wardrobe Giveaway is…
Marie Martell !!

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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Juneli said...

That is lovely striped maxi dress, dear, and adore the pops of brights in this otherwise neutral outfit!! The heels are so darn cute!

candyvioleta said...

You look super feminine!
I love love love love your heels!
and how cute is the necklace

Kellina's Thoughts said...

loving the necklace and watch!!


Lilli said...

gorgeous dress dear! the shoes are to die for!:) kisses!

Berty Morales said...

What a great maxi dress and I love your shoes! (:

Eccentric Connoisseur said...

Love the stripes maxi. I am in love with stripes this season<3


Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

I love this striped dress and I think that those shoes look great on it!

Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Jasmine Bhatia said...

As always..you are the best..love the maxi dress, love the necklace and other accessories <3

And how do you walk in such high heels, i cant even stand straight in heels :(( any tips :))

Stylish By Nature said...

ha ha....I can even run in these heels, may be my mother's training at quite a young age worked :)....I think practice is the key !!

charlienin said...

Cute outfit! Thanks for your comment, would love to follow each other, will follow you now! Cxx


madzia said...

nice dress :)

Rachel Lynne said...

I love this maxi, and your bow pink heels are gorgeous! Looking amazing!

Rachel’s Lookbook

JanM ♥ said...

I love maxi dresses! The only problem I have with them is finding one that's long enough! :)

I'm having a new giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

Love, Miffalicious. said...

Hey lovely lady. One of my favourite looks from you by far, love love love this striped maxi, and the pink heels and bag give the right pop of colour to an otherwise monochromic outfit.

Love, Miffalicious. [www.miffalicious.com]

contacto@2piezas.com said...

Impresionantemente bella,me encanta.un diez en estilo.besos.

Amber said...

the pop of pink from your pumps is perfection!

leonie fanning said...

u look beautiful i just love the summery feel of it. u have put it all together perfectly. it can be hard to accessorise a maxi but u did it perfectly love all ur tips to on it. kisses from dublin xx leo.

Gabriella said...

Why don't you smile on the pictures? Would be much more beautiful! :)

Asta said...

i love simple casual maxi..and this maxi is just that..you def up it by adding the blazer and that sexy heels. looking great. take care.


Cristina said...

very beautiful dress!!


UnA said...

wow you look stunning my dear!

I love the print of your maxi..

Thanks for the tips tooo

<3 Una

Well... said...

Gorgeous maxi dress! I love the stripes and your accessories. That necklace is just beautiful <3

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Bravoe Runway said...

Great tips on buying a maxi dress...I hate it when people don't spend the money to alter it and then clutch it while walking the streets... :(

Adeola Naomi said...

Stunning look!
Love your shoes and the tips!!!

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Fantastic tips. Shame on me - I still don't own a summer maxi. I need one, and these tips will certainly come in handy when I purchase.
Seattle Beauty Fashion Blog

Grace said...

The stripes plus the shoes are GREAT together!

A Southern Drawl

Nidhi Mahajan said...

The dress is really pretty! I wanted to see its neckline but can't due to the blazer! Anyhow, love the styling and those shoes are really cute!

Nikita said...

Love the striped Maxi dress! Looks brilliant:)
Bought a similar sort of maxi from Splash for myself!!!
P.s: Those heels are gorgeous!

visit: http://pen-twister.blogspot.in/

RaeAbigael said...

love the print of the maxi dress and also your pink shoes! :)

visit my blog?
and if you like we can follow each other pretty! let me know. ;D

Rafia said...

Wowo I just love your new look,..The Maxi Dress is amazing <3

Porcelain complexion said...

Just gorgeous - I love the pos of pink.

I have a stack of maxi's that I usually only wear on holiday, they're perfect is hot weather

RaeAbigael said...

Thanks dear.
followed back:)

shooting star said...

maxi dresses are one thing i havent tried yet...but reading your post..i thinking of giving a try!!


RENEW-IT said...

You look great... The heels are super sexy!

Priya Adivarekar said...

Beautiful! Love the bag and those shoes. Plus, you look very pretty Shalini di.
Much love


caise said...

gorgeous heels

Pranita Mehta said...

Those pumps are so hot and well coordinated with the dress!
Like it! :)
Love from Bindigasm

Ang Lam said...

Absolutely beautiful dress!!!!


Fashionista Fuera de la Ciudad said...

You look amazing! Gorgeous! Love the dress!


Susan Lolo Bua said...

beautiful... i'm falling in love with your higheels :)

Style-Delights said...

Beautiful maxi! Love your hairstyle too..soo sweet and beautiful! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
PS. New post is up on my blog. Check it out whenever you have time!
Style-Delights Blog

Rebecca Clairine said...

u look beautiful!
love ur maxi skirt and heels <3


Lens & anything Else said...

I am a new follower..great blog! Do you want follow me?

tank top dress said...

love the print of the maxi dress! You look beautiful!

Trina Mock said...

Love your necklace and bag!


Valentina Coco said...

I like your dress!!!
bloglovin follower

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Adore those shoes and stripes are always a good thing. You look grand!! x

Mery - Coqueluxos said...

I love the outfit, I'm following you here! xoxo

One Stiletto At A Time said...

Beautiful outfit :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice look! love stripes!


Kisses from Italy


Fashionopolis said...

Shalini, I am in love with that adorable bag of your. Fab look.
New Post is up
Happy Blogging,
Fashionopolis By Amena
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Mrs C said...

OMG! Loving the maxi dress!

Come see my current obsession

Jamie E. Anthony said...

i really love the pop of pink with your shoes!


chp_dzn said...

You look really pretty in that maxi dress. Really compliments you :)


Suzie Q said...

Beautiful outfit! Love your dress and shoes!

Suzie Q

Mayra Ramirez said...

esta es una gran combinacion..lindo blog


Sonali Khosla said...

Beautiful outfit!! Love your dress!


Karishma said...

LOVE the look, Lady. :) And look at that bag.

Nav said...

gorgeous outfit!


sandhyaa said...

love that maxi with blazer. super ! and interesting u have added color to the outfit.

SJ said...

That bag and maxi is gorgeous!!!

superlike the pink against black and white


Krishna Shah said...

Love your shoes :D
Following you !

Krishan Shah

P.S said...

Such a great post! Love it! <3

Kacie said...

Thanks for stopping by blog! Great outfit! I'm your newest follower :)


Jumpo London said...

every stuff are matching pick,black and white all are very beautiful....
Chiffon Dresses

Rakhshanda Rizvi said...

You look beautiful Shalini <3 Love your heels!!!