Brunch at Nevermind – Bar & Social

 Hi Friends,

Last week we visited one of the sassy watering hole in town

Nevermind – Bar & Social  

An escape from the bustling cityscape, Nevermind is a casually elegant bar built around the
moody glamour of the bygone days. Featuring a micro-ambiance set-up of each space,
Nevermind boasts of strategic landscaping all around crowned with antique clad mirrors on the celling making an impression of an everlasting space. With smoky leather couches to sink into on one end to vibrant seating on the other, every corner at Nevermind hides a unique charm.

One can also find exceptional floral patterns, interspersed columns with metal trellis giving
them the look off a tree to artefacts and curios placed everywhere adding to the coziness.

Beef Bao
With an impressive island bar right in the middle and igloo inspired cabanas which are ideal
for those looking for a perfect private dining experience, Nevermind is an intimate space for
discerning folks. I personally loved the cute corners tastefully designed for comfort and privacy.

Their cocktail menu is destined to take you on a flight to places near and far, romancing your
curiosity and taste buds with flavors old and new. Sipping on these cocktails is like taking a
vacation. The ride doesn’t end with the cocktails, for the food takes you on travels through
different countries and traditions.

The fusion cuisine is combination of the novel with the cult favorites resulting in delectable indulgences straight from the entrées through the desserts. 

Nevermind is the kind of place to have a lazy afternoon get-together to a rocking night party. The have it all sorted for you.

Do visit them for a Sunday brunch or a drink.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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