The Rugged look style file - Ripped Denims

Hi Everyone,

A woman is most of the times associated with a delicate and feminine look. 
Go into the past and you will see women flaunting only dresses, frocks, ballerinas, sarees and gowns. However, with times advancing and progressing, we women have come shoulder to shoulder with men even in terms of fashion.
A woman’s delicate and feminine image when paired with a casual or rugged look creates a strikingly beautiful contrast which makes the entire look very attractive. 
It is that very contrast that’s making heads turn. We all do a feminine traditional or western look. It’s time to make it different by adding some “rough” to the otherwise “smooth”.
Though there is no particular way to master this look, going through the details as below might help:
1.     Going with basic colours: Colours such as white, blacks, beige and grey might be the perfect colours that will help you create the look. Going for brighter shades like reds, pinks, fluorescents etc will only add the “delicate” element to the outfit.

2.     Bottoms: Here is where you can play and add the rugged element the most in your outfit.  A pair of faded denims, ripped denims, boyfriend jeans, ripped shorts are a few options to chose from. If you plan on wearing a crop top, a pair of high waisted ripped jeans is something you can count on to create the look.

3.     Minimal makeup: Too much or bright make up is a definite NO NO while creating this look. Stick to nudes or darker shades for the lipstick. 

4.     Footwear: Another element that can help you add ruggedness to the look is the footwear you chose. Boots and sneakers are good options. If you want to create a contrast and add some feminine nature to your look, going with block heels which are not too high could do this to your look.
If you haven’t yet experimented with your look and have always stuck to the regular feminine outfits, its time you try something new. 
Keep in mind your personality and comfort as you do not want to look like you borrowed your friend's clothes!

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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