This Moment White Sheer Embroidered Maxi Dress

Hi Everyone,

“A woman can be over dressed but never over elegant” – Coco Chanel
Elegant and classy fashion is a way of timeless dressing. 
Many women often change their style and add a bit of sophistication and elegance which comes with time. Either you grow out of the wild and experimental dressing or just a change in lifestyle could make you want to add some elegance to your dressing.
Buying timeless pieces such as nude pumps and pearl earrings are going to go on for longer than certain pieces that are just fashion FADs. 
Stocking your wardrobe with such pieces can take your look a long way!
Here are a few elements to be kept in mind which can help you add elegance to your style:
1.    Neutral colours
Nothing speaks more class than neutral colours. Typical neutral colours are black, white/beige/cream, different shades of greys and browns. Bold colours and patterns may not always give out a classy vibe and its always safer to stick to neutrals when considering elegant dressing. 

2.    Don’t over expose
For a classy look it is important to keep the modesty levels up while dressing. Low lying neck lines, short skirts etc are always a NO NO. Seen how the Royals dress themselves up? The length of their skirt is always below the knee or just above it. For necklines you could chose to go with either boatneck, crew neck or V-neck.

3.    Fitting is the key
It’s important to have your outfit well fitted. This means that you don’t need a loose or an over fitted outfit. You need an outfit that you are comfortable in but also can show that figure off.

4.    Don’t over accessorize
Just like classy dressing does not require us to over expose, it requires keeping the accessories minimal to give the elegant effect. If a scarf goes well with your outfit do add it.

Elegant dressing does not require you to shed out a lot from your pocket. 
It just requires you to combine the right elements and keep the look minimal.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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