Sequins, Glitter, & Feathers Spring Fashion Trends

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In an age of minimalistic fashion, where less is more, maximalism fashion isn’t still dead. With the LED sparkle filter getting popular on Instagram, today’s youth is definitely catching up to a glittery and a more sparkly avatar. It certainly seems like the ‘disco’ era is back!
This seasons runway consists of a lot of national and international designers sporting a lot of glitter and feathers. From dresses, bodysuits to pants, skirts and even nails, the bling fashion is catching up this spring.
There are different ways of sporting this fashion totally depending on your comfort level with the amount of bling on you. A lot of people want to keep even the glitter look subtle and this look is certainly for those who do not want to look like they just got off the runway!
Here are tips to keep up with the trend and yet not look over the top
Black is Bae: Black is by far the safest colour to be worn when sporting bling. You could pair a black top/bodysuit with a black or a colourful bottom depending on how loud you want your outfit to be. If you’re wearing a black bling dress, it is sure to come off as subtle and not too loud.
Minimal make up: Since your outfit is already doing the talk, lets keep the make up to a bare/nude look. Helps in keeping the focus on the trend we talk about! A loud or bright make up look confuses the on lookers’ eye and they just may want to look away.
Accessories: Accessories such as a handbag and heels are good enough to go with the entire look. Either one of your two accessories could be in bling and I personally prefer glittery heels.
There are several other ways of styling glitters and sequins depending on where you are off to! 
If you still prefer keeping that glitter subtle, other colours such as white, beige , grey and brown can do the trick for you

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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