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Being the boss or not, power dressing for women has become very essential in today’s career-oriented world. 
These are clothes you are spending 70% of your time in and thus women are spending more time and money in understanding power dressing for the right work and time! Your dressing is your armor at work and its important that your armor should be powerful!
Dress like the boss even if you are not
Though that could intimidate your boss, but who cares? 😉
Our work places usually come with a lot of constrains when it comes to dress codes. However, times are changing, and newer and younger companies are becoming more and more open to being experimental rather than sticking to the plain formal shirt and trousers.
Experimenting at work to dress better can be a good idea, but you still don’t want to make it too loud. Taking neutral hues as your choice is not only a safe option but also a subtle and a more classier option.
Having a pair of black jeggings in your wardrobe has become so essential as it goes with practically everything!
A crop top could be a bold choice to wear at work, either you skip the crop top or wear it if your company or workplace allows you to do so. Or if you are the boss of your work and think it would be appropriate, go ahead and break the stereotype!
 If not, a tank top also does the trick.
The blazer is the main element that will add power to your dressing. I chose to go ahead with a neutral colour blazer as I was going ahead with a crop top which is already a bold move in itself. You could chose other colours for a blazer such as red, orange blue or green if you are planning to go ahead with a tank top instead of a crop top.
Wearing a pair of heels or flats is your choice based on the amount of walking you need to do while at work. Though flats are always comfortable, it’s the heels that add the extra oomph and power to your overall look.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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