How To Wear: Criss Cross Fashion Trend

Hi Everyone,

Olive Shirt - ZARA

What is a modern way to showcase some decolletage or a little bit of cleavage in a subtle and fashion-forward way? 

The criss cross top !!  
Look how styled it HERE

A strappy neckline doesn’t have to be intimidating (or a look reserved for night time). 
This trend is something you can work into your every day wardrobe. 

They’re sexy, they’re risqué, and they have a very trendy vibe about them.

It’s not just limited to tight-fitting crops, with the style now making its way onto jumpsuits, dresses, tanks and even swimwear. It’s sexy, feminine and can work to either cover up or reveal some skin.

Not into the idea of showing off that much cleavage?  
Try the criss-cross Jeggings.

Anyhow, Criss-Cross Jeggings are toppping the fashion charts right now. Also, its easy to style them too. Pair them with either loose or fitted and with or without prints tops. Incorporate it into your wardrobe in either a subtle or in-your-face way. 

To keep things more simple and still elegant try additions like a denim jacket or day bag !!

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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