Best Ways To Wear Layering Suede fashion trend

Hi Everyone,

Suede Skirt with pockets - ZARA
Criss-Cross Neckline top - Forever 21 

Suede has that special shine to it that only suede can have !!
 To me, the softness of the pieces, is all the more reason to invest in this perfect material.

The rules of suede wear are simple and finite.
Whether you're wearing suede on your feet, your back, or both, the one most important style rule is to not take it too far !

Avoid wearing a full suede look. 
Try and limit it to tops, shoes, and accessories—and pair it with solid colors or denim on the bottom. 
I decided on an A-line skirt, which is just the right amount of suede in one outfit, and paired it with Criss cross top.

Crisscross lacing is among the hottest spring/ summer 2015 fashion trends, appearing not only on footwear options for creating dazzling lace-up designs, but also acting as the primary accent for a range of clothing pieces presented by fashion giants.

A criss cross neckline add a subtle, slightly rebellious, detail that elevates even the most basic pieces.

They look more sensual and feminine, embellishing the deep V-necks. 
This trend is something you can work into your every day wardrobe.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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