Chess Game Resulted in Pizza Face-off

Thankfully today we finished our meetings early and planned an evening together.
We decided to meet up on an evening of our Fav chess game.  

And as you can very well guess, comfort food is a must to complete such evenings, hence the thought of ordering our Fav Pizzas.

Another friend & her fiancé too decided to came over so our evening was completely sorted & we were really looking forward to some intense chess games!

At Home 2 set of Pizza’s were waiting for us, coincidentally we both ordered Pizzas. 
Not able to decide which ones to eat, since we both have our “Favorites”. 

Instead of Chess match it became Pizza Face-Off Challenge.

Are you ready for Pizza Hut vs Dominos 

Round 1 : Ordering
Pizza Hut and Dominos have easy ordering options, though in this case we used phone to order, but online ordering is also available which works really well.

Round 2 : Delivery

Pizza Hut and Dominos delivered on time and Pizzas were delivered Hot, which is the most important thing when it comes to Pizza.

Round 3 : Packaging

Pizza Hut for All Black box look, is stylish and trendy.

Dominos has white box with Blue, which has been there for quite a while.

Have to give it to Pizza Hut for Packaging style and quality.

Round 4 : How Pizza Looks ?

Look at the pictures and yourself decide.

I think Pizza Hut did a good job beautifying Pizza, and adding couple of Holders to the pizza to make sure they don’t go out of shape during delivery, very thoughtful. 

Pizza Hut
Dominos can do better job with holders and overall looks, the pizza looked out of shape and cheese had gone to one corner, seems like pizza was tilted and got out of shape in absence of holders.

Round 5 : Toppings and Taste

Toppings were generous in Pizza Hut and every bite had perfect combination of toppings.
Overall quality of toppings and flavor was simply great.

Pizza Hut

 Dominos also had decent toppings, good on taste but you can see that most toppings went towards one side in absence of Holders.


Round 6 : Price

Looking at toppings and overall quality, it seemed like Pizza Hut would be costlier, but there you are in for a Big surprise.

Pizza Hut price was Rs 480

Dominos price was Rs 976!

Even after domino’s gave us 50% off on our first pizza, there was a huge difference in the price of Pizza Hut's pizza & Domino’s pizza.

Also, the offer Pizza Hut is running is valid any day, be it weekends or weekdays which is a total
win – win for customer.

Clearly Pizza Hut came out winner for this Pizza Face-Off Challenge & of course we had a great game of chess.

Do let me know what do you think…
I was personally blown away by the amazing value Pizza Hut offered to me in my last order.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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