ReEnergising Love with Stay-A-Cation at Shangri-La

Hi Everyone,

LOVE is beautiful and keeps you going in your LIFE 

In our everyday routine we sometimes take things for granted and are too occupied to take time out and express our love for Loved ones.

Valentines Day ??

No its not Valentines day, since when are we stuck with a day to express our love. 
Love is everyday and I think there is no better time to express your love than Today.

Last week we decided to spend some quality time together celebrating our love and togetherness. We were looking for some good options within Bangalore.

After a lot of search we came across Romantic Stay-a-Cation package at Shangri-La. 

The package included Couple SPA, Romantic Dinner and 2 day stay at Shangri-La.
On reaching Shangri-La, we were greeted by smiling staff in the huge lobby, very well lit by awesome chandeliers. We have always been mesmerized by amazing energy we get from the staff here, they welcome us this time with a bouquet of flowers and were very well aware of our Stay-a-Cation.

After check-in formalities we were guided to our room, which was located on 9th Floor easily accessible through lifts. Room was amazing, all the luxury options were taken care of….from beautiful carpet to bed linen and spacious marble-clad bathroom with walk-in shower, bathtub, WC, and walk-in closet just the way I love, it was dreamy.

Perfect for me to dress for my Love.

Room featured glass Juliet balcony with Spectacular view of Bangalore, rain further added to the charm and beauty.

We decided to have a lazy afternoon lunch at room itself and keep it light.
We ordered juicy Kebabs and Salad for me.

After lunch, we planned to indulge in relaxing treatment at CHI, The Spa

According to Chinese philosophy, "CHI" or "qi" is the universal life force that governs well-being and personal vitality. It is believed that "CHI" must flow freely within the body for people to remain in good health.  We were excited to go through the services menu and could not stop ourselves but to visit the SPA.

CHI, Luxurious sanctuary located on the hotel's third floor and offers a steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi, lockers, showers, heated benches and grooming areas for ladies and gentlemen. Nine therapy suites, including two couple suites.

They have wide variety of Treatments to choose from, we decided to go for Aroma therapy message, good for us that couple room was available.

I have to say their treatments are perfect to revitalize one's mind, body and soul. 

If they claim that their therapies are based on ancient techniques that are shared across the many diverse Asian cultures. I would definitely agree to it as me and Rohit were feeling relaxed, calm and peace after the message, we went for a quick sauna after therapy to let the good oils flow through our body.

It was time now for some herbal tea from CHI, which had lime, spices and was made by ancient method. It was just perfect to end our therapy.

We spent our evening talking with each other overlooking beautiful Bangalore, and sipping some masala tea. When you start talking with your love of life, so many things come up that you remember from first time you met to your first holiday together to all the small fun moments you have shared together.

We never knew how time flew and it was time for dinner.
We wanted to try some Chinese cuisine for Dinner hence we headed to Shang Palace.

Shang Palace serves fine Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine.
The restaurant’s modern design blends with a rich and vibrant Chinese heritage. Shang Palace showcases authentic dim sum, barbecue items and Peking duck, as well as a variety of vegetarian dishes.

Cuisine they served was amazing, our personal favorite was Crab soup and Peking Duck which was cooked with authentic flavors and is hard to find in Bangalore.

Its time now to say good night, Rohit loved Shangri-La’s Pillow menu with hypoallergenic options. He loves his memory foam pillow at home and always finds it difficult to sleep in hotels on soft pillow, Shangri-la took care of the same.

Next morning we went for gym, which was overlooking amazing pool.
Blue water was so enticing that we could not stop ourselves but to take a quick dip in pool.

We enjoyed our Champaign along pool side and had great time.

Time for some food we went for bCafe which is all-day dining restaurant featuring an interactive buffet and à la carte menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Restaurant looks out over an outdoor dining deck.
They offer afternoon brunch buffet on weekend that features huge spread from team of international chefs from Italy, Japan, China and India.

Believe me we were spoiled of options here. 
We really loved Sushi, Grills and Italian section here.

In Afternoon, Rohit told me he had some urgent work and had to go for 1-2 hours, though he will be back quick.  I spent time reading magazine.

Around 1:30pm I got a call from Rohit to come to Saffron restaurant since he is hungry and want to eat. I quickly got ready and went to Saffron. When I asked for our table they guided me to kitchen,
I was surprised to see that Rohit cooked for me!! YAAAY!!

Really surprising, he cooked Chicken Kebabs and Chicken Curry for me with the help of chef from Saffron, really romantic.

We enjoyed lunch cooked by Mr. Chopra and I should mention it was cooked well.

Dripping with LOVE, every moment at this Romantic Stay-a-cation was worth the time spent together.

We highly recommend this package to all who want to nestle themselves in cozy corners and revive their love life. 

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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