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Your Bespoke Bridal Look
With Your Lakmé Salon Bridal Stylist

The Lakme Salon recently invited TeamSBN to come to one of their salons and experience few of their pre-bridal offerings.

Pre-bridal services have become an essential part of every bride-to- be’s PREP journey.

Pre-bridal packages at Lakme Salon comprise head-to-toe services which caters to the slightest detail; everyday essentials like threading, flavoured waxing, nourishing and hydrating manicures and pedicures, hair spas to help take care of your long tress, rejuvenating facials and de-stressing massages, skin enhancement services; a plethora of the finest skin care services along with professionally trained hair and makeup experts, come together to provide the best beauty experience to complete your STYLING and FINISHING for the Big Day.

Of course, Nandini was super excited about the affair and reached the Richmond Road Salon one bright sunny morning.

 I was welcomed with a wide smile and a beautiful bunch of wild flowers. 
I was told that the to-be-brides are their most favourite clients and they don’t ever miss a chance to pamper them before the big day. 

I was totally impressed with in the first half an hour itself when their skin and hair expert discussed my needs and 
suggested me the following treatments:
  • Marine Body Glow with Masque
  • Organic Eye treatment facial
  • Just for you Hair Spa
  • Lakme Signature Pedicure 

Marine Body Glow with Masque
This offering uses Sea extracts for body polishing and exfoliating overexposed skin. The ingredients range from sea water minerals, sea salts to actual sea weed extracts. 

The service lasted for a good one and a half hour and was the most relaxed I have felt in a long time. If you’re a to-be bride under tremendous pressure of shopping, event planning while looking poised and graceful, this de-stressing therapy is a must. 

Along with being relaxing, it will remove all the dead skin from your body leaving is soft and supple. 

Step 1: Scrubbing !
The backstage expert started with scrubbing my body with sea salts, focusing specifically on problem areas like knees and elbows. This is an exfoliating step intended to remove any dirt and dead skin cells. 

The exfoliator used was a bit oily which made my skin super happy and not at all irritated.

Step2: Masque !
The scrubbing was followed by applying a seaweed mask.
The mask has a cooling effect and has de-tanning qualities. 

It also helps tighten cellulite thereby making you look all the more stunning for your D-day. The mask is left on your body for a good 20 minutes and it’s the most relaxing feeling ever.

The mask smells so good that you actually feel like you’re sitting on a beach somewhere! 

Yes! I am not kidding.

Step 3: Oil Massage !
The third and the final step is a deep tissue massage using essential oils. Honestly, all my back pain and stress flew right outta the window after this one. 

The best part of the oil used is that it gets absorbed into your skin leaving it so hydrated and moisturised even after a couple of day!

The cumulative effect of all the steps left my skin feeling rejuvenated, glowing and totally moisturised. If you were to pick one service at the Lakme Salon, it should be this one. 

The products smelled like sea in a bottle and I was left wanting a Beachy- Vacation after my treatment.

Bride or No Bride, I am definitely going back for this one.

Organic Eye Treatment Facial

As most of us have very stressful jobs and a terribly fast moving lifestyle, our facial skin tends to reflect this the most. While analysing my skin at the Lakme Salon, the expert saw my under eye bags and dark circles along with understanding that I have a very sensitive skin- they suggested that I go for the Organic facial with an accompanying eye treatment.

The Eminence Organics products used in this treatment are all natural which is perfect if your skin gets irritated soon. The products smell amazing and have the softest texture. 

The treatment included steps of cleansing, exfoliation, Steaming and extraction of black heads.
This is followed by a skin radiance gel mask and an under eye brightening mask. 

This was left on my face for a good 15 minutes while I relaxed. 
Post this, a green tea infused cream was used to massage my face.

The session lasted for over an hour and I instantly fell in love with the results.
My eyes showed a visible reduction in puffiness and under-eye darkness. 

There was a natural sheen on my super moisturized skin.
It’s been a couple of days since the treatment and the results are getting better every passing day. I think this treatment is one of those “special occasion” treatments that will get you a lot of attention and compliments. 

Before I move to the next treatment, might I just add that the backstage team members who performed these treatments on me were so professional and warm that I might just avail these services again because of the team. They explained to me the importance of each step and ingredient as we went along which made me feel super safe in their custody (for the lack of words).

Just for you Hair Spa

Next up was some hair pampering.
I was greeted by a very talented hair expert who spoke to me about my food habits, job routine and hair care products before deciding which products to use. She then analysed my hair manually to come up with the best mix of products for me. 

She suggested that I undergo their De-Stressing Hair Spa routine which is perfect for when your hair become dull and lifeless due to high levels of stress and pollution. 

The de-stress spa is particularly good for frizzy hair. 
It enhances, nourishes, and controls dryness.

 She started with shampooing my hair with the Schwarzkopf Q10 Time Restore shampoo and this was the range used for my entire treatment. 

Post the cleansing of my hair, the expert carefully applied the Time Restore hair-mask to the strands of my hair. This was done with a lot of patience and dexterity so as to cover my hair completely.
It was followed by the most amazing hair massage and Steam.

 The massage focused on pressure points leaving me refreshed. 
It also helped open up the pores on my scalp, which improves blood circulation. 

I was told to keep the mask intact for some more time at room temperature after which it was washed, rinsed and blow dried. 

The result was soft, luscious hair. 
I couldn’t stop running my hand through my hair after this.

Lakme Signature Pedicure

The final step of my pampering session was the Lakme Signature Pedicure.

The salon served me a hot cup of coffee while I read a book and got my feet all soft. 
I soaked my feet in warm water mixed with Aromatic Dead Sea Bath Salts. 

This was followed by scrubbing off the dead cells, filing my nails and applying cuticle cream. She then put a Dead Dermal Hydrating Treatment on my feet for hydrating, softening and de-tanning.
 While I enjoyed the coffee, the cream worked its magic. 

This was followed by a deep tissue massage and application of nail paint.

The products used for this treatment were from the Kiana Range and smelled heavenly.

These treatments were so luxurious and pampering that any girl who is getting married needs to try them.  

As Lakme says- “Leave all your bridal anxieties to the Lakmé Salon Bridal Stylist team and get that showstopper look you’ve always dreamt of; with a bespoke mix of Pre-bridal rituals and the trendiest range of bridal looks for the season.”
The regimen can range from a single day of PREP to a series of sittings that last 5-6 weeks. With a Signature Consultation Ritual by the Lakmé Salon Bridal Stylists, you are taken through a personalized consultation process to arrive at looks most suited to your style, persona and the occasion. 

The range of tailored pre-bridal packages, like the
 On-The-Go Bride, 
Ruby Bride, 
Diamond Bride 
amongst others, ensure an apt PREP for you, as a bride, 
as you go through your anxious pre-bridal journey.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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