Le 2 Review - Super Phone by LeEco

LeEco launched their latest SuperPhones recently, and today we will review one of their new SuperPhones - the Le 2. Though the look and feel of the Le 2 is very similar to its predecessor the Le 1s, there are many functional and aesthetic differences, which we will cover during this review.

First Look - Le 2

As we mentioned Le 2 brings back a Full metal body and fingerprint sensor, Rose gold color of Le 2 gives it a very rich look to the unit and it definitely looks well beyond its price point. I have to say that LeEco have done a good work on overall finish of sides and back buffed metal finish, with shiny lines running toward the sides.

Front of the phone hosts 5.5 inch screen and Gorilla Glass with body colored panel on top and bottom of the screen, with LED notification section, light sensor, and 8 MP front camera on Top, Bottom of the screen has navigation and menu buttons which will light up as soon as screen is activated.
Right section of phone contain power and volume buttons and Dual Nano-Sim slot on left.

Top section of phone hosts only Infrared emitter. Bottom section contains 2 sound grill, out of which one is speaker and other one is microphone. It also hosts Type-C post for charging and CDLA headphones connectivity. LeEco has released CDLA headphones to enhance this experience.
Back of the phone hosts 16 MP camera and DualTone Flash which is awesome at this price point, and fingerprint sensor with mirror finish. It also hosts Letv branding.
Overall touch and feel of phone is awesome, overall dimensions and weight of 153g makes it easier to grip and ideal for single handed operation.


LeEco has been really bold with specifications, it hosts Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 652 processor and can give all its competitors run for their money. With 3GB Ram and 32GB storage, though I would have loved if storage could have been expandable.
Le 2 has 1080*1920 resolution for its 5.5 inches front screen, with vibrant colors. It has 8 MP front camera which has a good clarity. Rear camera is 16 MP with DualTone flash, picture quality is pretty good and even night shots were decent. 4K resolution video is also another added feature.

Le2 has came up with their proprietary CDLA headphones which are available at Rs 1990/- and can be used with the phones Type-C connector, which is innovation in headphone technology and believe me it works really awesome. With High quality audio file you can "Hear the Unheard" :)
To enhance this experience and have high quality audio and video available to you, Le 2 also comes with LeEco membership subscription which will get you access to huge database of audio video and live content that too in high quality, and that’s the default subscription which they are providing for first year free of cost.


Graphic heavy 3D game worked without any issue, and with all applications which I use installed, still I had 1.1GB Ram available to work with the device. CDLA technology earphones provide good texture to high quality sound, which I will call "Hear the Unheard", awesome technology innovation, should try your hands on this.
Picture quality was good and is comparable with any competitor and even devices which have higher price point. Powered by 3000mah Lithium ion battery, with Type-C reversible connector gives hassle-free connection, and quick charge of 5min gives 3.5hour phone call time, much more than competitors.

Final Verdict

At Rs 11,999/- price point, Le 2 has great looks, touch and feel is awesome with good access to corners when considering single-handed operation. Not only that it has a great hardware to support its looks and provides enough memory buffer if you are a gaming person or want to do some editing or need to run some graphic heavy software.
Le Membership is added advantage for access to tons of content and even they are working on exclusive live coverage of concerts. 

Overall Le2 is a good buy considering the Price to Functionality ratio.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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