Sunburn Tiesto Concert - ‘Me’ by Mandira Bedi for Gillette Venus

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Gillette Venus collaborates with Mandira Bedi to create ‘Me’, an interpretation of Venus’ brand proposition that has been manifested in a unique saree design.

‘Me’ by Mandira Bedi for Gillette Venus was showcased at the Tiesto Concert for Sunburn in Bangalore.

Venus believes that women are multi-talented and play diverse roles in their lives, but are often limited by one-dimensional labels.  This includes the labels they are given on their by sartorial preferences.

It is this spirit that ‘Me’, by Mandira Bedi has captured to give women a distinctive take on clothing for music festivals.  ‘Me’, is a unique saree design that is young, fun, vibrant and versatile. Designed in lycra to hug the body and yet let it breathe; it breaks the conventional boundaries by ease of wear, drape and use. 

I was so excited to receive a piece of this special outfit for Tiesto concert. Initially, I was a bit unsure about the outfit, however, after draping the saree and getting my first compliment from my boyfriend, I was confident to rock it for the music concert. 

It is your statement and you can wear it where, when and how you like it.

Speaking on this initiative and the collaboration with Mandira Bedi, Mr. Rajeev Sathyesh, Country Marketing Manager, Gillette India said, “Venus as a brand, believes that women should not be limited by labels or boxed into stereotypes. It is a matter of choice for women to wear what they want, whenever they want to, like a saree to Sunburn and the convenience of Venus razors helps make it possible for her. We’re very excited to work with Mandira Bedi, who has beautifully translated Venus’ ideologies into an innovative design.”

Commenting on her collaboration with Gillette Venus, Madira Bedi, said, “I’ve always believed that the saree is the most versatile garment. And the thought of designing this fun, vibrant saree inspired by Gillette Venus’ ideologies is to push the boundaries of its versatility even more. The idea was to create an alternative interpretation of a traditional Indian saree for a music festival like Sunburn that inspires women to experiment with their look and express herself.”

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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