Easy Tips - How to Get Clear Skin

Hi Everyone,


Being born and brought up in Delhi.... moving to Bangalore is difficult for my skin!
I am forced to put a thought over - Is my skin truly a blessing or a burden?

Angel Advice - You can't deal with your skin problems unless you know what you're dealing with.

So, I took this quiz here --> http://bit.ly/MySkinMyCity

I realized, Good Skin needs regular skin-care routine, It has to be disciplined !! 

I follow these 5 basic tips religiously to help combat the winter dryness -

Wash in Lukewarm Water

Hot showers and baths always feel good in the winter, but when you can, particularly when just washing your face or hands, choose lukewarm water to avoid stripping as many oils away from the skin.

Moisturize Immediately Afterwards

Skin not only needs more moisture, but moisture right after you wash.

Applying moisture to damp skin helps seal that dampness into the skin.

I always keep a bottle near the bathtub, shower stall, and at every sink and use liberally every time I  wash.


Give Your Hands a Hand

The skin on your hands is thinner than on most parts of the body and has fewer oil glands. That means it's harder to keep your hands moist, especially in cold, dry weather. This can lead to itchiness and cracking. Wearing gloves and scarves help me protect my skin from cold winds, rain, and snow.

Also, don’t forget the sunscreen.


Keep your Drinks UP

We tend to drink less water in the winter because we turn to hot drinks like cocoa and tea, but don’t forget that your skin needs hydration from the inside, out. A little warm water with lemon can be very refreshing and hydrating at the same time.

Exfoliate lightly

It'll brightens my skin, and moisturizer can penetrate better if I don't have a pileup of dead cells. 

See how skincare guidance helped me score 9 !!


Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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