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Hi Everyone,

Don’t we all enjoy nature’s beauty and how we wish that pollution wouldn’t destroy nature as much?
That something would repair all this damage caused to the nature by pollution? 

Well I feel the same way about my natural beauty as well.
With so many chemical products we use, we cause damage to our skin. 
With so much traveling and use of make-up for shoots, my skin does not get the care it needs to rejuvenate. Hence, I am always on a look out for products which are natural and chemical free and trust ORIFLAME to get my daily supply.
Over the years the brand has constantly endeavoured to become a fully sustainable and conscious beauty brand in the country with their diverse initiatives. This means living within the limits of our planet, respecting our environment and contributing to a fair society where everyone can prosper.  
As a part of the same endeavour Oriflame has been associated with Fairtrade and Ecocert to ensure the same.

Taking its experiential cum sustainability workshop to next level, Oriflame invited me to New Delhi, this time with Dr. Williams to display how with their environment-friendly practices, they can really make a change which is real, positive and ever-lasting.
I was quite excited, since this one of a kind tour aimed to bring us closer to nature. As promised, I really enjoyed trying my hands on planting aquatic plants, enriching my gray cells with the varieties of flora and fauna we have around. No doubt, interacting with Dr. Williams and knowing about the brand was quite an experience.
Now, it was time for unveiling new Oriflame beauty range.... What shall I say, just imagine walking through a fantastic outdoor food market, in bright sunshine, and seeing the
abundance of fruits and vegetables and their exuberant colours.

This is confirmation of all that nature has to offer with its unlimited bounty of treasures to enjoy.

Love Nature was created as an acknowledgment of all these rewarding pleasures that nature provides. Plants, fruits and vegetables that are instantly recognisable and are celebrated for their smell, texture, colour and functionality: strawberries, avocados, coconuts, wheat, chamomile and more –
 body washes, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, that create a joyful experience !!

This is the brand that acknowledges the simple pleasures of nature with 12 ranges and 24 products for the bath/body and hair.And guess what?

They don’t harm the planet either.
All rinse-off products are biodegradable; hair products are silicone free;
and exfoliants use natural-origin beads.

All Love Nature products are filled with ingredients from nature that boost, heal and restore the skin and hair.

A true natural experience, every day.

These are effortless products that will simply make you feel good – easy to enjoy for the sensorial experience and straightforward benefits,
and you can rest assured that you are buying a quality product
that treats the environment with respect.

Celebrate the simple pleasures.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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