Five Reasons to Chance Upon Serendipity Arts Festival 2017

Modern times have become challenging when it comes to art and culture. Though there is ample access if one looks around, but the patience to honor and cherish art is long lost. We need an immersive space for citizens to come together and experience art in the most fascinating, serene and unique way. Serendipity Arts Festival brings exactly that to the city of Goa in the month of December. Here is the scintillating list of top five things to look forward to at The Serendipity Arts Festival this year!

A Boulevard of Artwork:

This second edition of the festival will feature over 70 art projects including 40 specifically commissioned projects for the festival. Such a wide variety has the capacity to expose more people to art and address issues such as art education, patronage culture and interdisciplinary discourse.

Impact on Community and Society through art:

The disciplines and artworks curated for the festival have a strong social messaging. The highlight of this festival is getting together all art lovers to become patrons and promulgate aesthetics through their contributions.

Linking gaps between artists and the audience: 

Many of the projects are designed in the interactive format to engage the audience and allow them to chance upon ideas that shall have a long-lasting effect on the world view. SAF is not only giving exposure to the artists but also to the audience. 

A fresh approach to Goa as a cultural destination:

The month of December in Goa is usually seen as party time, but this year’s Serendipity Arts Festival edition will look at Goan craft and architecture as a long-term engagement with the region. Workshops and exhibitions will see contributions from the local community. Interesting projects like Mapping Mapusa Market and Exploring Panjim’s Secrets will unveil a perspective to Goa that has not been portrayed by far. Also, projects like The River Raga will make you cruise along River Mandovi in a musical interlude.

A union of artistic disciplines:

The multi-disciplinary eight days’ art event is set in the vivacious settings of Panaji and the festival is curated by eminent artists and institutional figures with a line-up spanning 7 disciplines i.e. music, dance, theatre, visual, photography, crafts and culinary arts.      

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