How to style and care sequin dresses

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Sequin Dress - Mango

A gold sequin skirt or a sequined dress is a staple for the ’70s inspired hipster hippie. Since, ’70s are making a comeback in a big way this season, hippie and boho trends are enjoying GOLDEN period again !! 

Sequin dresses are a great fit for plus size clubbing wear or for a woman of any body shape looking for a fun night out. Sequin dresses are better suited for night events, a dinner date, a formal event or black tie event.
Another fav when it comes to sequins is - A gold sequin skirt or metallic sequin skirt. It is bang on trend and is a timeless addition to your wardrobe. Given it’s flashy and less than subtle appearance, a gold sequin skirt can be paired with anything from a basic white t shirt or a vintage leather jacket to mix your grunge and ’70s style.

Reader's Query - How to take care of sequin outfits ??

A sequin dress may also be washed by hand. This can be done by filling a bathtub with cold water and a mild detergent, slowly submerging the dress into the water, carefully scrubbing between the sequins with a soft-bristle toothbrush, then rinsing thoroughly. To dry the sequin dress by hand, place it between two dry towels and carefully press. It is usually not a good idea to wring it out, as this can cause the sequins to tear away from the garment.

Hence, a gold sequin skirt or sequined dress is an exceptional way to make a standout fashion statement for any occasion so make sure you take care of your sequin statement pieces to ensure they can be worn for fashionable decades to come.

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