10 tips tricks | how to wear sequin dress

Hi Everyone,

Sparkle always makes me feel very Beyoncé.
Speaking of which, don't go crazy with the sequins! Treat them gently!

Incorporate some diva-level sparkle into your own look with these ten essential sparkle styling tips -

1. Avoid sparkle overload by finishing your look with simple, black accessories.

2. If you're a little wary about wearing sequins on your clothes, never fear.  Jewelry is by far the easiest way to add sparkle to any look. Draw attention to your face with a shiny metallic necklace or big, glittering earrings.

3. Don't fret if your dress is very simple, just throw a sparkle jacket and necklace .... they will really made the whole thing stand out — hot, but still chic. Something I always try to do.

4. Patent leather is great for adding some sequin-free shine to your nighttime look.

5. Mix and Match - Not only is it a good thing to mix and match, it's something you should do. Mixing sequins with simpler articles of clothing that do not have embellishments will almost always #look good. You can dress up something old or something plain without fear of going overboard.

6. Darker metallics and more matte finishes make all-over sequins plus exposed skin feel cool without being overly sexy, especially when you add a little black leather into the mix.

7. Simplicity is the key - When you wear sequins, you don't want to draw the eye anywhere else, because then your outfit can start to look messy. Keep your lines simple when you feel like you want to shine.

8. Try some color - Different colored sequins can create a dazzling effect. You don't have to stick to standard black or even silver. Sequins come in every color of the rainbow, after all, and there's no reason not to experiment with different colors.

9. Day OR Night - Many fear wearing sparkle during the day, but if done well, it can really make an outfit. The trick is to rock sequins in a casual-glam way that looks effortlessly chic. Mix your sequins with something more casual.

10. Layer a leather jacket or a blazer over a sequin and embellished dress to stay a little more warm.

So, don't fear to shine a little brighter :)

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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