Will Katti Batti Do it Again for Kangana Ranaut ??

After the whooping success of Tanu Weds Manu Returns, Kangana Ranaut is all set with her next movie coming up “Katti Batti”

With Queen and Tanu weds Manu Returns, we completely trust the actresses’ choice of movies. We cannot deny that Tanu weds Manu Returns had some of the best dialogues and Kangana with her exquisite style ruled the celluloid. 

Be it Fashion, dance or dialogues, this sexy lady is making heads turn with her stunning performances and looks. 

So here’s a glimpse of the best of Kangana Ranaut....

There’s a reason why she’s called the style icon of Bollywood. 
And that’s evident in her movies too.

“Kya Sharma Ji, hum thode bewafa kya huye, aap to baddchallan ho gaye”!

I know you loved that one but you can stop repeating that now ;)

Truly, “Ghani Bhawri Ho Gayi” was the mutual feeling we had after watching her in the movie. The Talli Dance and the way she danced with the alcohol in the song was simply amazing. Dressed in a short Kurta with Patiala and a Dupatta attached at one corner made her look the so sassy.

But then she’s the bold one, she cannot be the sentimental one all the time and so here it is!

“Haalat dekhi hai? Adrak ho gaya hai yeh aadmi, Kahi se bhi Badh raha hai”

This was the epic one! This dialogue by Kangana had the power to get the movie the business of 75 Crores!! Kudos to you lady! She in fact spoke out the emotions of millions of married girls of India!

Just not the dialogue but she smittened everyone with her ‘saree avatar’ she proved out that she’s the epitome of grace and elegance. And we have a reminiscence of that too for you.

“ Meri Yaad Aati Hai? ”

The beautiful light pink saree adorned her in the most fashionable way possible. The bun of hairs, a long jacket, stylish bangles made her look aristocratic!

The movie couldn’t have been better without the twist. Datto or the double role character of Kangana was equally liked by the actress.

She for sure had amazing teeth but the acting made it seem flawless. Bade daant wali Kangana rocked the celluloid with her dialogs. Wanna enjoy them once again?

“Ke kar raha tha bahan faela ke, yo jagah se Shah Rukh Khan bannan ki"?

Want more?? Okay!

  “Mhara naam Kusum Sanghvani, Yo Mhari saheli Pinky, Main Ramjas college Delhi University me padhu su, sports quote te admission leya, National level ki athlete su, jila Jhajjar, 12:45:07 aur phone number main daunko naa”

Yes she was impeccable and we just can’t get over her. So who’s telling you to try that hard. She’s coming again to steal away your hearts with her upcoming release Katti Batti.

Not able to wait till September?
Here are we with the Fashion and looks of Kangana Ranaut in Katti Batti...

Playing a free spirited girl, Kangana would be seen as an art student from Delhi! And she hasn’t looked this hot ever. The actress is bedecked with junk jewellery including bangles, watch and an armlet as she is sitting pretty in a blue tank top and yellow skirt. But there’s lot more to it. As per a report, Kangana will experiment with ten different hairstyles in the film and the look is apparently inspired by Kate Winslet’s Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind.

We have a lot more for you than you expect

“Time Pass Chalega?”

Yes, pretty, isn’t it? Nope? I know she’s outstanding. The shimla diva is making everyone go crazy with her style and fashion. With her messy pleat, sassy cap and off shoulder shirt style, one wouldn’t be surprised if her style becomes a rage in the upcoming days. No we still can’t stop here, there’s one more twist to her appearance in the movie, have a look yourself!

Interested in time pass love, the movie has some peppy numbers for you like Sarphira and the most interesting one being “French kiss firangi hai, Desi Kiss hi Changi hai”

No no, it’s not the remake of Devdas, it’s very much present in Katti Batti itself. Now there’s some kind plot of the film where Kangana is supposed to suffer from some ailment. Now I’m not going to be a spoiler and tell the whole story. So while we update you up with her latest we have one more coming up for you.

“Keep guessing! ;)”

Yes she has become one of the most desirable actresses of Bollywood now. Not just her acting, dialogues but her unmatchable style proves everytime why she’s D diva!

Be it her natural curls, audacious attitude, sassy and stylish clothes, all we have to say is  
“Banno tera swagger laage sexy”!! 

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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