Food Review : Rajasthani Food Festival at Aloft CBP

Big aspect of Rajasthani Culture is its food. It colorful, vibrant and full of flavors.

Aloft Cessna Business Park

is celebrating Rajasthani Food through Food festival they have organised. Chefs have flown down from Rajasthan with fresh spices from Rajasthan to keep it authentic and flavorful as you will be eating it in Rajasthan houseehold.

As they say in Rajanthan
"Padharo Sa"

Come along to our Foodography journey with Rajasthani Cuisine

Aloft was well decorated to give the ambiance and feel of Rajasthan you can see lamps lite, earthen pots filled with spices and wheat, low light effect created overall amazing look.

We were offered a refreshing welcome drink to start with Khas Sharbat which has an instant cooling effect on your body.

Khas Sharbat

Raab which is made with bajre ka atta and curd, it was tangy and had a flavor I have never tried before. Recommended


Next we tried Dal Baati Churma which we loved and is Highly Recommended
Dal panchmahel
Plain baati
Stuffed baati
Besan churma
Rose churma -- loved this one 
Atta and dry fruit churma
Lots and Lots of Ghee :)

Dal Baati Churma

Rajasthani Thali
We ordered Rajasthani Thali as we wanted to try all the Chef recommended Flavors, following was served in Thali

Ker sangri -- Highly Recommended
Gatta Tamatar
Dhingri Paneer
-- An Amazing replacement of Paneer in Rajasthan, Loved it -- Highly Recommeded
Rajasthani Kadhi - Recommended

Safeed maas
Murgh Makai sowtha - Highly Recommended

Bajre ki roti
Makai ki roti
Missi roti

Rajasthani Thali

We simply loves Indian desserts and were not able to help but to try all of them

Parval chaap -- Highly Recommended
Milk cake
Malai sandwich
Malpua -- Highly Recommeded
Kala jamun
Besan laddu

Assorted Rajasthani Sweets

Overall an amazing experience and I was happy to visit Aloft Cessna Business Park to try Rajasthani Food Festival and enjoyed the cuisine thoroughly. Great job by Chefs..

So friends if you are looking for different cuisine this weekend, do visit Aloft and try Rajasthani Food Festival..

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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