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Van Heusen is our favorite premium lifestyle brand. Don't we always swear by the fashion quotient infused by their outfits in every work wardrobe. Taking the same leaque further, recently Van Heusen partnered with the world’s largest professional social networking site, LinkedIn, and launched the Season II of its successful contest, Most Fashionable Professional. With the intent to identify 10 most fashionable professionals, the contest is targeted at LinkedIn’s member-base of 20 million professionals.

The contest idea was very unique - you don’t participate in this contest, but you get nominated which means that others are recognizing for your fashion sense. Van Heusen created a contest microsite (www.vhmfp.com) where one could sign in using LinkedIn user ID and Password, and nominate upto 10 people in his or her network as the fashionable professionals. Basis the nominations received, 40 people where shortlisted and then a panel of eminent fashion experts selected 5 male and 5 female winners.

Here bringing you the 5 winners who perfected the office-chic fashion. 
They share with us their fashion and style statement and show us how we can be trendy and stylish in our workspace ...

Swati Channa from Symmetrical Global Search Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

What does fashion at the workplace mean to you?

Fashion is my passion, for some people it means business or world but for me it means power of self  expression. I truely love fashion , it is always the reflection of era, we need fashion every day to present ourselves in a certain manner.

How would you define your style?

For me Style is comfort. I would have to say my style is a mix of feminine blazer but mixed with sequins and bold statement jewellery. 
I am not scared to try new things and push limits.

Aditi Mittal from Image Consulting Business Institute, New Delhi

What does fashion at the workplace mean to you?
Fashion to me is something that strongly defines who I am, in simple words my inner personality reflected outward. I believe that fashion at the workplace must be characterized by ‘The Four A’s’, that are: Authentic, Appropriate, Attractive, Affordable

How would you define your style?

I define my style as ‘Romantic’ where I like to appear feminine and prefer clothes that bring out my gentle, charming, sensuous and gracious side. I prefer clothes that are delicate, soft and light. I like to add a lot of soft curvaceous lines and flowing shapes in my dresses with a highlighted waistline. I have a particular likeability for floral and rounded pattern and I absolutely love to compliment my beautiful pearl jewels with my ensemble to add the romantic touch.

Neha Surya from Palantir, Bangalore

What does fashion at the workplace mean to you?

I think fashion at work place is incomplete without comfort and confidence. One should wear what he/she is comfortable in and confident about because it effects your work efficiency as well. For me,
fashion comes from within. So, instead of copying anything , one should be at his/her best self. Also, I think it's very important the office culture in mind while dressing up for work.

How would you define your style?

I think i am not very experimental about my dressing at work place. Comfort is very high on my priority list while dressing. I don’t stick to particular colours or style (western, eastern etc.) rather I try to be more varied about my clothes. Whatever i wear, i am confident about that.

Amit R S Bansal from PEOPLEWARE INDIA, Bangalore

 What does fashion at the workplace mean to you?
Fashion at workplace should demonstrate professionalism, decent level of smartness and most importantly “you are serious about work”. Being a Director at my company, I believe in leading by example, and I tend to be articulate.

How would you define your style?
I believe in the power of simplicity. That has taken me places. My style includes sober, neat, clean & ironed dressing, polished footwear & and two handkerchiefs, one in the pocket and the other in the bag. My style is not necessarily distinctive, but sharp & articulate.

Munish Jindal from Egress Enterprises

 What does fashion at the workplace mean to you?

Power dressing these days is not only confined to board rooms but is moving to the workstations as more and more people decide to dress smartly appropriate to the profession and industry they belong. It doesn’t matter whether the industry or workplace you belong to promote casual and creative style or buttoned up sophisticated style, what makes the difference is creating own style and carrying it with √©lan while being comfortable at the same time.

How would you define your style?

Sense of my style is dependent on the season and my to-do list. However, I am perfectly put together for a business lunch or a golf session with a business associate in the evening even if it is followed by a black tie event.  Accessories are equally important and I ensure a redefined watch on my wrist to make a big statement whether am holding my cellphoneto my ear or resting my hand on the conference table. 

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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