Fashion How-To Style Your One Shoulder Dress

Hi Everyone,

Yay !! Finally a beautiful one-shoulder dress is a part of my wardrobe...one which fits me perfectly, sits on my shoulder firmly and hugs me perfectly all over :) One-shoulder and off-shoulder dresses are everywhere and that's the reason my heart was yearning for one too.

An off-shoulder dress or one-shoulder dress is a sophisticated and dramatic look that can stand out no matter what the occasion is. Great both for the day and the night, one-shoulder dresses are great for showing off those sculpted shoulders.

Styling a one-shoulder dress begins with selecting the right one-shoulder or off-shoulder dress. A woman that is particularly proud of her shoulders will do well to choose a style that is completely off the shoulder. Someone who is fond of her back can easily find a one-shoulder dress that dips low in the back for the best display of her strongest asset. I kept it a fuss free look. When the collarbone and shoulders are put on stark display as they are in one-shoulder dresses, it can be tempting to cover them up with a bold necklace. However, most stylists would agree that wearing a statement necklace in conjunction with a statement neckline is a recipe for overkill and a muddled, busy look. In order to give the dress its due, choosing a simple necklace that sits high on the neck is a much better choice.

Just pair the dress with killer heels and statement bag/clucth and you are ready to take the world in your stride !! 

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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