Five reasons to visit Mosque Road - Eid Mubarak

EID Mubarak !

On this auspicious occasion we visited Mosque Road and it was one gastronomic experience !!
Want to share the journey with you ...

Camel Meat Chops 

This is first this I recommend from Mosque Road, Camel meat is a bit chewy here though you have to search for the right stand which is toward end of the road on right side of Mosque.
They charge Rs 140/- per plate

Faluda Kulfi

Faluda Kulfi which I had at Mosque Road was one of the best, Haji Ali and Bombay stand are some best ones, must try ice cream.
Kulfi from these stands cost: Rs 120-150

 Patthar Gosht

 Patthar Gosht is Lamb or Beef cooked on stone, this is amazing prepration which you will not find normally making it to our Top 5, since lamb is cooked slow on stone its very tender and soft almost will melt in our mouth. 
Cost: Rs 100-150


Kabab's are again good to try at Mosque Road,We must say we tried 3-4 different stands, every stand had their own unique taste and blend making it difficult to decide whose the best, visit and decide yourself. 
Cost: Rs 120-220

Rumali and Kathi Rolls

 Rumali and Kathi rolls with different fillings were another one of the favourites.

So make sure you visit Mosque Road and try these yourself.
Make sure you don't count calories as this food can take you for a toss  :)

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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