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Our Honey’s The Bees Knees!

We believe The Body Shop® Community Fair Trade honey is something extra special. We source it from the remote Sheka rainforest in the Ethiopian Highlands, a biodiversity hotspot that’s protected by UNESCO.

- Our Sheka honey has a very distinctive taste and smell because of the fragrant

rainforest flowers that the bees collect the nectar from. Its light floral aroma makes it

distinct from any other honey.

- The African honey bees that produce our honey are free to roam the rainforest. Every

day, the bees communicate through ‘dancing’ to direct each other to the tastiest flowers.

- The honey selected for use in our products is of the highest quality - in fact it’s good

enough to eat! It’s sold by high-end brands as table honey.

Wild About Bees 

The bees that produce our Community Fair Trade honey are wild; they choose to colonise the hive and then –––move onto a new home after harvesting.

In contrast, standard commercial beekeeping is closer to factory farming, with bees living in the same hive year after year. Their diets may be may subsidised with sugar to make the honey sweeter. This method of farming often requires the heavy use of veterinary medicine to treat the illnesses that result from dense hives.

Ensuring Exceptional Quality

We work with the highly skilled Beza Mar beekeepers who practise ‘barefoot beekeeping’ or ‘bee whispering’. They work in harmony with the bees’ natural cycles using traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. These methods support the sustainable use of the Sheka rainforest and also mean we can be assured of fir st-class honey for use in our products.

You Won’t Bee-lieve It!

You might think The Body Shop® puts a lot of effort into creating the amazing Honeymania™ range... but it’s not nearly as much work as the bees put in! To gather enough honey to make one of every product in our Honeymania™ collection, it takes almost 100 bees travelling over 2,100km so they can harvest the nectar from nearly 50,000 flowers!* Don’t worry, the bees don’t miss the honey that we use. A strong bee colony can produce two to three times more honey than bees need!

*exact figures: 95 bees, 2184 km, 48540 flowers.

Our luxurious HoneymaniaBath & Body collection is made with Community Fair Trade

honey from Ethiopia. This rich, wild-harvested floral honey is good for your skin and good

for the environment. No wonder we think of it as liquid gold.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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