Five ways tips to Look Polished women

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Leisure Pants - here and here

Leisure Pants - here and here

Reader's Request - How to look polished instantly.

When it comes to how to look stylish, you can’t go past a polished appearance. A fresh face of makeup, brushed hair, and crinkle-free clothing can all be instant style boosters. Here are five easy ways to transform yourself from Drab to Fab -

1. Fresh Makeup
Good grooming is key. A natural, flawless complexion is an ideal way of creating a polished look. Choose a foundation that gives skin a matte appearance, without being too dry or flaky. Also, nothing beats a bit of rouge, groomed eyebrows, and a glossy lip.

2. Maintained grooming

Keep your manicure at its best if you want to appear more polished. Cracked or chipped nails look unkempt and unprofessional. Your hairstyle can have a huge impact on your overall look. Polished women either have easy haircuts, easy hair, or the ability to style their hair in ways that stay put. If you usually wear it out and loose, try pinning it up in a loose bun for a stylish change. Alternatively, wearing it in braids is another on-trend trick you can use to update your look this season. Keep up with hair trends and see what can work with your look. When it comes to how to look stylish in an instant, you can’t beat a new coat of lipstick. A bold red lip or hot pink hue is perfect for adding some drama to your look.

3. Patent Shoes

Adding a bit of shine to our outfit is another simple solution when it comes to how to look polished. Shoes do matter, especially when you want to come across looking your best. A quick clean of your shoes to remove any dirt and scuff marks can make all the difference. Wearing a good quality pair of shoes also helps.

4. Polished Clothing

Wearing a blazer is an effective way of polishing up a casual outfit. A well fitted blazer is a must in any woman’s wardrobe. To look your most stylish, no matter what style of clothing you’re wearing, it’s important that you’ve got the right fit. The most on-trend clothing can look drab if they’re not fitted or flattering to your silhouette. Always try on clothes for the right fit, making sure they suit your body shape.

5. Posture

Nothing says unkempt and unpolished like bad posture. ‘Stand up straight, shoulders back’ – I’m sure you’ve heard it all before! Standing tall not only helps you when it comes to how to look polished, but it exudes confidence as well.

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