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Anchor Print Dress, Affordable Dress, Stripes Bag, Canvas Bag,

Anchor Print Dress, Affordable Dress, Stripes Bag, Canvas Bag,
Tan Loafers, Women Loafers, American SWan Loafers, Cheap Loafers
Affordable Bag, Stripes Tote, Canvas Bag, College Girl Bag, Pool Party Bag
Tan Loafers, Women Loafers, American SWan Loafers, Cheap Loafers
Chambor Rouge Plump+ 701 Lipstick
 Printed Dress, Affordable Dress, Stripes Bag, Canvas Bag, Sun Dress
Printed Dress, White Dress, Stripes Bag, Canvas Bag, Lady Like Dress

Any closet is incomplete without loads of Summer dresses which are breathable, soft and airy. I prefer summer dresses to be white and small prints. Looking into all these factors, this cute Anchor print Dress qualified to be so apt to be a part of my summer wardrobe. Comes with a blue belt and side zipper for that perfect fit and so soft that you can jump around in heat all day.

Paired up this beauty with a perfect pair of Tan Loafers to add that rustic feel and not to mention the comfort which an amazing pair of loafer bring with it.  My feet could not have been more thankful to me. Finally this roomy striped tote to carry your world around in style !!

 While it’s hard to think of a time when stripes and stars weren’t in, they are certainly back in a big way for the trends in 2013 and are bigger than ever! Get the two most timeless prints that are making major waves this season and rocking the runways exclusively at www.americanswan.com

From dresses to casual tees, accessories or even the interiors of your house -stripes and stars make a graphic statement unlike any other pattern! If you are still unsure if the styles suit your own aesthetic or if it’s the look of the season, take a look at the big names like Cameron Diaz or Miley Cyrus in her striped pleated skirt. All the trendsetters are showing their love for hues of red, white and blue!

Whether horizontal, vertical, chevron, thin, thick, black and white or in living color; match your stripes and stars with denims, khakis, jeggings, or even leather without any hesitation! Pull off a casual look with a striped lose cardigan with denim shorts, or take the spotlight of the night in a chic dress with pointy striped pumps or go off to the beach with a trendy scarf being the highlight. These prints can be incorporated for your own aesthetic in a billion ways and can add a spice of style and statement in your otherwise simple look.

Stripes and Stars are here to stay and contrary to the popular fashion stereotype, all shapes can pull them off. So bring on your verticals & horizontals and play along!

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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