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Collection note - Day 1
Designer name:  Nishanth & Rahul
Label Name: Anupraas
Collection Name: - MUGHAL NAMA

Collection Brief:  Keeping the winter wedding in mind, the collection is authentically Indian with traditional embroidery techniques and silhouettes that are contemporary. Drawing inspiration from Mughal paintings, the garments have embroidery in shapes of flowers, plants, trees and also butterflies, birds and many more. The fabrics are flowy, sheer as well as structured. The cuts are inspirational for example Anarkali suit with embroidered velvet strips which exudes royalty. With signature embroideries and cuts, colors are also feminine and subtle. The colors range from reds to lighter pinks and oranges. Beige also finds its place to add drama to the collections and to keep it attached to the roots, because the fabrics are in their raw form and colour. The garments range from Bridal lehengas to semi bridal Lehengas, Anarkali suits, Kalidar and contemporary suits.

Designer name:  Gopal & Manali
Label Name: Gopal & Manali

Collection Brief:  The label reflects a rich use of north Bengal Rajbangsi crafts & culture. The core emphasis of this collection is a combination of modern design & hand – woven fabric. Typical
Tangayil Sarees & gamchas (hand towel) are developed by local weavers. He introduced the beautiful checks & stripes by highlighting the weave borders. The bright & earthy colures are mixed together with embroidery. The label seamlessly blends traditional craft with western silhouettes retraining an ethnic touch while presenting an international look. It is combination of classic bodies with avante - garde detailing, structure with a flow & modernity with a vintage twist.His vision is to create beautiful tangayil sarees & present it to the global fashion market to create huge demand of handloom of north Bengal textiles.

Designer name:  Swapnil Shinde
Label Name :  Swapnil Shinde

Designer name:  Nupur & Anirudh 
Label Name:  ADAB

Collection Brief:  The collection is an interesting amalgamation of traditional silhouettes with a modern approach. The collection turns the fashion ramp into a wedding festivity, the unabashedly lavish reminiscent of contemporary Indian old world bridal couture where the motifs and mood is
Inspired by the art deco movement of 1930s. The royal collection’s pieces are crafted to offer a modern representation. Dropped waist bold forms and delicate embroideries with hues of corals, bright pinks, and deep red, glittery gold and dazzling silver are juxtaposed with modern embellishments adding character to the presentations.

Designer name:  Monapali
Label Name:  Monapali

Collection Brief: The collection celebrates a seamless fusion of contrasting colours, cuts and fabrics. Thread work and hand paint are blended with vibrant handlooms woven exclusively by us and the same are molded into bold new dimensions.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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