Lions of Gir with Fern Hotels

Located in close proximity of Kingdom of Lion, Gir National Park
provides 5 Star Luxury in a Responsible Eco Friendly environment.

Stay at Fern Gir Forest Resort

The Fern Gir Forest Resort is a 5 star resort that offers 40 well-appointed, air-conditioned villas, suites, cottages and tents.
True to an authentic experience of living in undisturbed nature, they ensure the environment remains protected with The Fern’s environmentally sensitive program.  
We choose to stay in Villa, Our own nest in the middle of forest.
It looked just amazing, surrounded by trees and birds chirping.

Fern Gir Forest Resort has the most welcoming wooden reception lobby area, wooden lions and other interiors add to the overall experience and rustic forest vibes to the place.

Their information wall and books within the Hotels are very interesting and educate you about history of the place, history of lions and difference between Asiatic and African Lion.

Are you aware of differences between Asiatic and African Lion ??

Nature at its Best

The resort is built in an ethnic style inspired by local design, in the jungle theme that has evolved the best balance in Gir’s hot summer and chilly winters.
They have made sure that the resort is built around nature without disturbing nature and containing the maximum trees within the resort.

Within the resort you can locate different species of trees and birds, also if you are lucky you might locate wildlife within the resort. Really I am serious!!
Thats the fun of living in a jungle, enjoy nature and if you like take a dip in the amazing pool.

On request resort team can arrange Bird watching session on the Hiran river which passes right from the back section of the resort. We went there with Kalu bhai, he was one amazing person and knew all the names of the birds, their species and habits by heart, he was an encyclopedia in himself for birds.

Visit to Gir National Park

When visiting Gir please make sure to book the safari well in advance, cause usually they have limited seats and are booked, getting something Ad-hock might be difficult.
Lucky that while booking hotel staff was helpful to inform to book safari in advance.

We were so excited to see King of Jungle in his natural habitat, in morning waking me and Shalini up is a task, but that day thankfully we responded to different alarms and were ready early for safari.

When Safari started our guide showed us the claw marks of Lion, and mentioned "Sir Lion went from here in morning" and I am very scared of this sentence. In my past safari experiences whenever I hear this I never locate animal :)
Same happened 2 times in Jim Corbett and 1 time in Ranthambore, when went for Tiger safari.
I laughed and said to our Guide "Bhaiya show us Lion, I have seen these foot marks a lot"
Our guide recommended that we will spend more time locating lions and will skip other animals then. He was talking with all the other guides and Trackers passing about the lions and finally we got information about Lioness and cub relaxing and quickly we went to location.

To my surprise there are trackers who make sure that wildlife is not hampered by poachers and travelers and they travel around the forest making sure to keep track of wildlife specially these Royal animals who are very important to nature.

Lioness and cub looked so cute, cub was specially trying to be around mom and comfort himself playing with mom's tail :)
We were mesmerized with the whole experience, where the power is back with nature and there is no barrier in between.

We left them alone after some time, so that they can have their privacy, in the route we located Spotted deers, owls, peacock, and Sambar deer.

We were lucky that our guide located a lion who hunted a spotted dear and was enjoying his hunt. The sound of flesh ripping and bones cracking is still fresh in our ears, it gave us goose-bump.

Lion eating leg of spotted deer

Overall we had a Great experience

At Gir, resort arranges a lot of activities in house which will keep you engaged.
Also Nature can keep you occupied, just walk a lot.

Must Do when in Gir:
- Visit Gir National Park
- If you are not able to book Safari in time visit Short Safari at Devaliya 
(not as good as main safari, but still you get to see nature and animals in a good habitat)
- Go for bird watching
- Walk around Hiran river, its fascinating. 
- Make sure to visit Somnath Jyotirlinga
- Spend lot of time in nature and relax, you dont need to run around during your time here, 
enjoy wildlife and trees.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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