Vacation Club Mahindra Kandaghat : 5 Things to Do in Shimla

Hi Friends,

For a long time we were planning a vacation in North India, as a kid we have visited many places and since we have been traveling for work and vacations have always been in south or abroad. 
North India stores some great memories of childhood and this time we planned for vacation in Beautiful Shimla.

Club Mahindra Reception with Amazing Garden

We started from Delhi early, since we wanted to avoid peak traffic and trucks.
Route we took was 
Delhi - Sonipat - Karnal - Ambala - Chandigarh - Solan - Kandaghat

Not to forget we left early to have Breakfast at Murthal, again very close to our heart. As kids we remember going on long drive with Dad and having some amazing Parantha's at Murthal with White Butter and Lassi.. Heaven!!

This time we visited Haveli restaurant in Murthal. Well I must say its amazing establishment, with great food. Guys there are like 1000 of Haveli's but you make sure to have food only at Haveli here in Picture.. I will add a direction pointer as well. All the other restaurants have the excuse for not being authentic. Some dont provide white butter (my fav) somewhere lassi is too sweet, or parantha's lack filling. But in Haveli everything was just right and according to our taste, and service staff was friendly and helpful.
We ordered parantha combo here, I personally feel their Aloo Parantha's are the best. but thats personal choice. Dal Makhani served with parantha's was amazing and White Butter was heaven.. I even mixed it in my Lassi, just love it. 

After our halt at Haveli we had a slow drive to Kandaghat (lassi effect ), enjoying the views and nature, and finally reached Kandaghat in approx 8 hours.

Club Mahindra, Kandaghat was our property of choice since its situated away from Chaos of Shimla, in a beautiful valley, hugged by lush green undulating peaks and cotton clouds caressing them as they swim through lazily. 

The well manicured lawn rolls out a green carpet for you as you enter Club Mahindra Kandaghat resort and the stunning gardens that host plenty of birds will sing to you, roses spread an amazing cover all over the resort. I was surprised to see that there were over 50 varieties of roses across the resort. The room we stayed in was 1602 with a private garden and in our garden itself you can find amazing manicured lawn and over 20 varieties of Roses, colors ranged from Red, Yellow, Orange, actually you can easily make a Rainbow from roses. I was personally surprised to see a Purple colored rose. 

During our stay in the resort we spent most of our time in this lawn since I was able to enjoy Roses in our personal garden with view of Hills. 
One of these days we had hail storm which added to beauty, experience which is natural luxury in itself.

Evenings here are even better when you can watch the sky change from orange to pink to golden yellow into a fiery sunset. Lucky for us from our room itself sunset was visible and we didnt had to rush to any sunset point, so we used to enjoy our evening coffee over sunset, with Birds Chirping and everynow and then you are hear peacocks from the distance.
What Romantic Setup!!

We enjoyed some amazing Himachali food in their restaurant, on request you can get experiential meals curated for your family. Walk around the herb garden while enjoying the state-of-the-art facilities at the Kandaghat resort, if you like you can pick your own herbs and get the dishes cooked with them, from garden to dish fresh with no pesticides, completely organic .  

Club Mahindra folks can plan a trek for you on request, so make sure you do one of the nearby trek with them, its amazing and you will be able to admire beauty of the Hills from a perspective which is untouched by concrete.. truely amazing experience.

Treking.. Club Mahindra Kandaghat view from the Top of Hill..

Shimla is about 25 km from the resort, After breakfast one morning we left for Shimla. in the route all the old memories came into play and we were discussing on the few things we have to check during the Day in Shimla.

5 Things to Do in Shimla:

The Ridge :
Best place to hand around and enjoy beauty of Shimla with Heritage properties around. Dont forget to capture beautiful Christ Church, its beauty increases more in evening when its all lighten up. 
Whole Ridge is photographers paradise with a lot going one.. do click a lot of pictures.. 
Make sure to have some Ice Cream here.. Adds to Fun 

Dont Forget to visit Lakkar bazar when you are here, you will find some amazing pocket friendly items.

Visit to Indian Coffee House..
If Mr Modi can stop his rally to have a coffee here, we could definitely stop and have a Dip into Shimla's heritage with some coffee at Indian Coffee House.
Frankly I was a bit disappointed though with cream coffee reaching our table not that Hot.. So please make clear to server with order that Coffee should be really Hot..

Mall Road:
Connect with Ridge is Mall road, shopping district of Shimla, more than shopping the Big brands, try out their Food, Local artifacts and clothing. Himachali Caps are something which I found really attractive, in amazing colors, make sure to pick one.
There are multiple connecting lanes between upper and lower mall, make sure to check out some small eating joints here, I personally loved amazing Gulab Jamuns at Sharma Dhaba in one of these by lanes.
Have food at Sher-e-Punjab dhaba, you will really love it.  Personally I loved coffee here.

Jakhu Temple Track:
When in Shimla, do try the Jakhu Temple Track, its around 2.5km Track and is completely worth enjoying going through routes filled with Trees and the weather adds so much fun to it. 

Sunset at Scandal Point:
People mention that Sunsets at Scandal point are work it. I would also highly recommend it, if you are already not living at something like club Mahindra, Personally I loved the Sunset at Club Mahindra, from the comfort of my Lawn.

Enjoy Toy Train Ride:
Kalka – Shimla toy train ride is something not to be missed in Shimla. This old railway line gives you some spectacular views. Its an experience in itself so make sure you dont miss it.

Personally I loved spending time at Club Mahindra Kandaghat, cause it the natural beauty and untouched surroundings. Shimla was more commercialized now and full of concrete and people. 
Club Mahindra was a perfect getaway for us during vacations.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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