How to get ready for your first date

Hi Everyone,

Going on your first date brings a lot of questions to one’s mind. Usually related to what’s the right thing to do. Let it be reaching on time, what outfit to wear or how to behave. 

Well, you must prepare yourself in advance and must read this article HERE before you hop on to the final day.

Here are some tips to help you get ready for that first date of yours -

1.   Colour of the outfit: Since a first date can already be confusing, try and stick to a colour that you are super confident in. For many women, including me, black is a colour that is a no brainer and a colour I am confident in. But if you wanna stand out and look more playful, dont be afraid to experiment with other colors.

2.   Keeping it subtle yet Playful: It’s important to dress up aptly depending on the place you are going to. However, since it is the first date, it is important to let not all your dates attention go to the prints and details of your outfit. Let it be a subtle yet smart outfit. It is also important that you are comfortable in what you decide to wear. Any discomfort caused out of your outfit can only lead to spoiling your first date.

3.   Make up: A nude make up look works well for a first date. You don’t have to show you’ve put in effort, right? 😉 Still confused ?? Smack on RED lipstick....That works !!

4.   Add ons: If you have managed to keep your entire look subtle with not too much colour, prints and detailing, you can give yourself the freedom to add on some accessories to bling up the look. A sling bag and a pair of striking footwear can add the missing edge to your look. 

Remember that it’s just a date and you are here to have fun. Wear that smile on with confidence and be ready to rock that date look.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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