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Hi Everyone,

Festival and Sarees....Perfect combo!

India is known for women draped in Sarees. 
Still stuck on where to buy those amazing fabrics and colours ?? Here is all... 

Saree is the true celebration of womanhood especially during any occasion.. it is an art for you to make an impression with a saree. 
Whatever body shape you might have, Saree personifies your personality and you definitely have to agree to this point. A Saree is by far the most sexy and elegant attire wore by an Indian women!!

When you are at home, stand in front of your mirror wearing a Saree, either a stunning one or a simple one, you will notice the mirror reflecting back your sense and style.
So, when Diwali is here, you need saree for decking up for the festival.

While shopping for a Saree, I suggest you keep in mind the the Color.  
For festivals unusual colours are the best as they focus on the beauty of a woman. 

Contrast is another important part of choosing a saree for you to buy and especially for the festival of Diwali. Choose some unusual or interesting colours, pastel colours, dark colours etc..

Another vital point to consider is the fabric.
A particular fabric of a saree suits a particular woman. Take an instance.. stiff cotton saree are not suitable for any overweight woman as they are heavy looking fabric. So opt for the fabrics you look best in. Also keep in mind the 'time of the day' Plan out and shop for the saree according to the time of the day you are going to wear them, daytime wear, evening wear, party wear, etc... After the selection of Saree you can then match Accessories, jewellery and Footwear
Just as it is vital to opt for the right saree, it is equally vital to wear the right footwear and match the perfect accessories to complete your look with the Saree. 

Also buy some bold accessories matching your Saree.
The Open Trunk have a new range of Sarees just arrived in time for Diwali. 
I enjoyed the vivid collection of Saree they have. 
You can choose the right ones for you and your loved ones and enjoy your Diwali festivities well. 

As I always say "Stay Stylish" and Happy Diwali !!!

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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