Breathe in Cleaner Air Indoors with 3M Air Conditioner Filters

With Air Quality graphs all around us – on radio, TV and even mobile apps, the realisation of exactly how bad the air is has slowly, yet surely, begun to sink in. We all ensure purity of water before consumption, but why not ensure the purity of air that we breathe? Moreover, thanks to the firecrackers and crop burning in the upcoming season, air quality is only going to get worse. All this news about air quality has us staying indoors the entire day. And if you thought staying indoors meant less pollution and breathing cleaner air, think again! Inadequate ventilation in houses and all the chemicals, household dust, fumes can make indoor air quality indoors – SURPRISE SURPRISE - worse than the quality of air outside.

So, basically, air quality is really bad outside – and much worse inside!
With all this going on in my mind, I have been looking for ways of dealing with air quality – atleast in my home – which I thought is the safest place for me and my family….. and I felt so lost in this regard…..

Till now! Yup!

3M has always known to provide solutions to our various problems we encounter at home.  Now, they have come up with  Air Conditioner Filters that can be used with the wall-mounted AC in your home!

I bought a pair of 3M Air Conditioner Filters as my family is already subjected to so much pollution outdoor (which obviously cannot be controlled), indoors I want to do everything I can to help provide cleaner air quality for my family.

The installation of 3M Air Conditioner Filters is kind of super easy and you can DIY it. The instructions on the packaging is easy to understand. Follow the steps correctly and your installation time is not even 7 minutes. I installed my filters in the day and got out on my regular day of work. Pretty much had “clean air” running in my mind all day that day.

Unfortunately, to my excitement, I could not tell much of a difference. However, in a few days, I noticed that the filter had started turning black, even though the AC mesh was completely clean! This made me curious and I read up on PM2.5 – the invisible monster. These particles are so small that they cannot be seen by us – they are about 1/40th the size of a hair! Because they are so small, they are most harmful as they can easily enter our body though the air we breathe.

New 3M Filter being attached
Status of Filter after 10 days of usage

And the blackness of the filter made me realise that without this filter, ALL OF THAT was going inside our body!!!

Just Imagine!

The 3M Air Conditioner Filters are made with material is an advanced fibre with is very light and thin but because of 3M Electrostatic technology, it attracts PM2.5 from the air almost like a magnet. By design, they covers around 80% surface of existing mesh of the ACs but you can cut it in smaller pieces as per your AC size. They are fitted along with the existing AC mesh that are by default inside your ACs, so you don’t have to put in too much effort for cleaner air with the 3M Air Conditioner Filters.

Since they are affordable and easy to install, I am going to be purchasing these for all my ACs at home and use my AC in all seasons for atleast one hour everyday, even if on “fan” mode – so I can breathe cleaner air all year round. It is advisable to change these filters once they turn black. If you don’t do so, the purpose of these filters is lost and even your air flow might get affected. These filters are definitely for me and you should get them too, especially if you are wondering how to deal with the bad air quality these days.

Get the 3M Air Conditioner Filter, and tweet a picture of your filter with #DIYACFilters #3M #CleanAir once you install it to tell the world that you now have a Clean Air Home.

These filters are available on

**The opinions stated herein are those of Shalini Chopra and may not necessarily reflect the opinions of 3M.

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