Raymond the complete man - Supima collection

Hi Everyone,

Indian men is well traveled and knows what suits them best.

Clearly men today understand luxury and is particular about the kind of style statement he makes. 
He is a man who travels, is well-read and is tech-savvy.

I have been receiving multiple queries on where to get specific fitting of shirts. 
What fabric can work on various body types and weathers in India.

I can very well relate to all the challenges, we face in our day-to-day life.
Unable to find a good crisp white shirt which fits flawlessly !!
My favorite fitted shirt loses its shape after first wash.
T-Shirts loose color and shape after few washes and almost die after 3rd wash.
Men’s accessories…..do brands even care about men, and will they even know why I need shoes to match my outfit, A crisp Jacket/Casual Blazer for evening get-together which I can easily transform into semi-formal meetings.

So, when I received the invite to preview Raymonds newly launched Supima collection, I got all excited to unravel all my problems.

Raymond has recently launched Raymond Supima collection for the men who appreciate the Luxuries of life, still not making a big impact to their pocket.

Pima cotton a superior quality cotton fabric, is famous for its ability to hold the brightest of colors (colors won’t fade even after 100 washes), long lasting as the yarn is stronger than many other type of cotton yarns and softer than most other cotton fabrics.

Raymond has launched this Pima Cotton in collaboration with Supima, introducing a range of shirts, polo t-shirts and soon trousers & jackets. Available in various brighter hues, patterns & designs and of course the latest styles, Raymond Supima collection is a must have for a discerning gentleman’s wardrobe.

Lets see what happened when Boys of #TeamSBN came across the collection.

Ofcourse when you add this Premium cotton and the Legacy of Raymond, you have great designs and Fits which will make sure that you have the right fit for every occasion. 
Be it a formal meeting or a casual catch-up with friends.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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