Weekend Getaway at Royal Orchid Brindavan Garden

Hi Friends,

In Busy city life weekend getaways are something which keep us charged for the upcoming week.
Me and Shalini always look out for such getaways, we both love traveling and rejuvenate during our weekends.

Last month we were planning for our weekend and came across

Royal Orchid Hotel Brindavan Gardens, Mysore

When I read more about its heritage, that it was build almost at the same time as Brindavan Garden, I got interested and decided that this will be our next weekend destination.

We started in the morning to our trip towards Mysore. Bangalore mornings and road/nature towards Mysore is too beautiful to sleep in the car.

We stopped on the way for some Tatte Idli at Bidadi, believe me you dont want to miss this if you are traveling towards Mysore. Don't expect Big Hotel, these Idli's are meant to be eaten at small eateries located right next to Highway.

Finally, we reached near Brindavan Gardens, and I was amazed that gate to Royal Orchid Hotel is located right next to Gate of Brindavan gardens, Lucky us road was getting renovated and we had to go from within Brindavan gardens, yes its real we had to take that internal Brindavan Garden road towards the Hotel. That King like feeling I cannot even express.

Hotel is located at a height, from where you get a lovely view of Brindavan Garden,  
we were awestruck to look at the view of Brindavan Gardens, cold breeze from cauvery river was adding that perfect element to the view.

After deep breath of fresh air we headed for checkin and into our room. 
A huge room welcomed us with perfect setting of the bed right in the middle of the room,  
when I opened the door of balcony it had a huge seating space and that perfect view of Brindavan Garden, that fresh breeze, you have to be there to experience it.

After freshening up we went down to meet Mr. Arijit Gupta, GM of the hotel and really friendly person.  

He took us on the tour of the hotel and explained about the Heritage of the hotel. Hotel was originally a Haweli created by Maharaja of Mysore for his guests and engineers working on the Dam for Cauvery river. You can see a lot of old interesting artifacts still around the hotel. I totally loved the old photographs around the property, time when Dam and Brindavan gardens were getting ready. They were communicating a great story a legacy which is still standing strong.

It was Interesting to know that Dam has North Gate and South Gate from there they release water during rains from time to time,  South Gate is right next to Royal Orchid. they mentioned that around August you can see beautiful view of water being released and turning into lush silver, once coming in contact with stones. 
Dont tell anyone we will try to be there again around that time, stay tuned :)

We decided to break for food and we headed to their in-house restaurant.
They have some great Intercontinental cuisine available, totally would recommend to try it.

They have Pool to die for, right in the middle of lush greenary.
We were not able to stop ourselves but to take a dip. 

When in pool we realized that tree right next to the pool is home to lovely birds which included parrots and small chirping birds. 

Oh you can spend all day here relaxing and listening to birds, calmness just settles in.

Evenings at this place are great as you can get a great view of Brindavan gardens all lightened up and that too from the comfort of their Elephant Bar. 

Enjoy your drink and relish the beauty of Brindavan gardens. 
You are the King man..

For Dinner we opted for some Fire Grills in the backyard in middle of nature.  
 It was just awesome. The best part is Hotel staff will help arrange food for you in whichever area you want to enjoy it, no restrictions. Of-course you should not be disturbing others :)

Next morning we had plans to take walk in Brindavan Gardens early in the morning and then we headed to see Cauvery River from close proximity.  

Though its right next to the hotel, its not allowed by the government to cross the Dam, hence you have to take 15 min drive from the hotel to witness Cauvery river. 

We had good fun taking dip in water and splashing it on each other, though the road is bad but would really recommend this experience.

Our holiday is not complete unless we go for spa to rejuvenate ourselves, Royal Orchid has Spa experience to offer with multiple possibilities, we option for aromatherapy messages. 
Good that they have steam room attached, you can have good steam after a great spa experience. Totally completes the experience. 

We spend some time near pool listening to birds and enjoying nature.

Royal Orchid 2rd floor has a sunset point and you have to view it with your loved one and appreciate the togetherness and love...

Day ended with Amazing view from Elephant Bar and some amazing cocktails.  
Good that Brindavan gardens were lit for another hour on weekend as me and Shalini enjoyed the view.

Next day was time to say goodbye to the property, though we wanted more of it. 
We were not ready to leave that amazing heritage room and calmness of the property. 
But we made a promise to come back again, in middle of nature and enjoy this heritage property.

On our way back we went to Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary. 
This is best season to visit this place as all the migratory birds have started building the nests and you can watch many species of birds. we took the boat ride and went close to birds and crocodiles which are in and around the central lake.

Overall a great experience and would recommend this weekend getaway to everyone, you will come back refresh and rejuvenated.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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