Fashion inspired by the forest: Curated by Aranyani

Hi Everyone,

On a not so lazy Sunday morning, I woke up excited for the launch of the brand Aranyani. 
Why you ask? 
 This was not just a launch but an experience! 
An experience of what they actually stand for.

Aranyani in its literal sense is a goddess of the forest, and these guys are Nemophilist’s 
(Word added to my vocabulary after the event)
So, thanks guys!
Nemophilist is someone who loves the forests. That’s where their design inspiration is drawn from. Aranyani designers go out into the woods to study the flora and fauna which inspires them and reflects in their designs. 
That is how passionate they are about what they do and bring to you.

We were invited to the picturesque Jayamahal palace to experience Aranyani products. The venue was strategically chosen as it resembled the atmosphere of a forest. The event kick started with a treasure hunt. We moved around the area, experiencing nature, and solving clues. 

We were made to experience what Aranyani as a brand stands for by feeling the nature in a fun way! 

HURRAH !!! We (Team Stylish by Nature) won the treasure hunt and guess what was the winning prize? 

A stay for two nights at Bison Kabini, which is a luxury forest experience. 
These guys are some serious Nemophilists I must say! 
The hunt was followed by Indian live music which was very different and soul soothing.

Aranyani has launched with bags of all kinds for men and women. 
They have laptop bags, vanity bags, shoes bags, hand bags and plan on adding more merchandise to their offerings. What I loved about Aranyani products were the wide categories of bags that were on display. 

The prints on the bags are truly nature inspired and different from a lot of other brands we see. 

Their passion towards bringing the best designs and being ecosmart with their products has appealed me a lot !! 

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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