Accessorizing and Travelling with Honor 8

Hi Friends,

My recent Taiwan Tour was full of excitement and amazing experiences.
For the Tour I decided to take a friend well known to me Honor 8.

Here are Quick Travel and Accessorizing tips:


Accessories are a quick way to make your look well put together. 
You can rely on your accessories to add drama to otherwise boring outfit.
Make sure to carry accessories with you during travel they can get more focus on you and totally change a casual look. Few accessories to carry would be Caps, Scarves, Floral Tiaras, Pom-Pom key chains, Belts, Sunglasses, Colorful Umbrellas …. Not only are these functional but trendy too !!
Neck rest helps you to sleep in Aircraft or during the transfers.

Honor 8 Sapphire Blue with its crystal glass finish went well with my outfits. People were noticing the color of the phone and with glass shades changing with changing lights its effects were further adding color to my vibrant outfits.

Good Camera

During travel you want to keep overheads to minimum and don’t want to have too much stuff with you, since you want to shop more 
For me carrying a DSLR is a big headache since its bulky and consumes most of my bag space, moreover if something scratches the lens Rohit will be after my life since you know lenses are so costly.
Honor 8 came to my rescue with 12MP Dual Lens camera which provides amazing clarity, crisp and rick colors.
Honor 8’s wide aperture mode enables you to blur backgrounds from F0.95 to F16, and you can redefine the focus even after the photo has been taken, giving you more creative control over your images. Honor 8’s Professional Mode gives you full-manual control like professional cameras and records your everyday adventure in different ways.
Now that’s what I call Innovation to carry along.
Check out a few pictures clicked with Honor8


During travel light keep on changing, sometimes it full sunlight sometimes its pitch dark to fluorescent. This can cause a lot of stress to your eyes when working on phone, and you cannot live without phone since GPS routing is very much needed in new territory.
The Honor 8’s 5.2-inch FHD display with a 96% high color gamut (NTSC), color enhancement, and dynamic pixel-level contrast adjustment provides a better viewer experience, with vivid and crisp images.
Eye-Care Mode makes looking at your phone more comfortable and safe by filtering part of the blue light to reduce eyestrain. Plus auto brightness mode works perfect with changing lights, so leave all complication to Honor 8 and you enjoy every moment of your travel time.

Dual Sim Phone

As you are travelling you its always better to take a local sim with international calling to India. Dual Sim of Honor 8 comes in handy and I didn’t see any battery drain using Dual Sim, so still I was able to get messages on my India number and was able to call and reply by International Sim.

Need Good Battery Life for Phone

When you are traveling you will not have time to charge your phone for the whole day and still maps and GPS will be consuming your battery as you are at unknown place and don’t want to be directionless.
Honor 8 was able to help me with ample battery life even with GPS/SnapChat/Facebook/Instagram and was still able to survive till evening where charger was able to get running again with quick charge on my phone.    

Power saving mode also comes in Handy, remember a day when I lost all my phone battery and enabled power saving at 10% of battery and phone calls was still working for next few hours, now that’s amazing. I didn’t do a survival test though but after 2 hours and decent number of phone calls, battery was still at 4%, that’s impressive.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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