Travel Photography with Honor 5C

Hi Guys,

Been Traveling to different places in last few days and required a good camera, good planner, and a good phone which can accompany me for the travel.
Then who has time to take care of all these things and hence decided to keep Honor 5c in my bag and check if the claims of being the best camera are actually true.

Lets find this out as we Travel with 

As the only Camera Support :)

We Started with our Visit to Agra, where we stayed at The Beautiful 

Oberoi Amarvilas

We started with tour of the property, starting with the glamorous pool, Architecture around the pool and bright Sunlight caused uneven lighting causing difficult to capture vivid colours, but Honor 5C did full justice to the shot.

Pool section of Oberoi Amarvilas captured with Honor 5C

Being located just 600 metres from the iconic Taj Mahal. Each of our rooms affords uninterrupted views of this ancient monument to love. I could also see TAJ from my room.. One of the best experiences, but can I capture the essence of room with TAJ, through Honor 5C.
We were not only able to capture TAJ, but the overall greenery from the room to TAJ and birds flying, this one is going into my Travel-diaries

Captured TAJ from my room at Amarvilas - Honor 5C

Elements of the Amarvilas layout and design pay homage to its Mughal splendour. Truely amazing.

Part of Photoshoot at Oberoi Amarvilas - Shot with Honor 5C

Our hotel is approached along a sweeping driveway, verdant with native trees and lit by flaming torches. Just inside, a Mughal style quadrant is ornamented with cascading fountains and framed by an arched passageway and gold leaf frescoes.

Mughal Style architecture and fountain pathways make you fall in love with Amarvilas - Captured with Honor 5C
 Another Balcony of my room opened into a pool view..

Vivid colours around the Pool view - Captured with Honor 5C
 Tried to capture some internal shots during different light conditions.

Captured this Beautiful Chandelier with High Sunlight outside- Honor 5C even performed good in these unstable conditions

Clicked during the sunset time in shade, was expecting this photo to have noise, but I see limited to No noise in this picture
Architecture clicked in bright sunlight - Still colours are reasonably bright and can spot difference in Greens - thanks to Honor 5C

Now lets checked out Honor 5C performance during a few photoshoots, where light conditions are further unstable if you dont use bright flashes and colour corrections using DSLR's.
Lets see the overall performance.

Picture below was captured during super low light conditions, this was part of a photoshoot, DSLR's had flashes setup overall and were clicking with flashes. I was not expecting good pic at all to be very frank, since the only light was that from the lamp and some natural light coming off small window. Results are good, i can see some noise in the picture though, but its adding to the overall flavour of the image. We were still able to capture glitters of shoes and eyeliner detailing.

Loved this image, Captured as random shot during one of the photoshoots, using some light off a florescent lamp. But the colours of corridor and blacks in the dress are looking great, Captures with Honor 5C.

Below one is from an outside shoot, tried to capture off the mirror, we can see good detailing off the dress and clouds are adding the drama to the shot.

Overall I am really impressed with Honor 5C camera, It was able to perform in difficult light conditions and acted like a savior when in need.

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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