Celebrating Love with Tanabata Food Festival at Shangri-La

Tanabata means Evening of the Seventh, its the famous Star Festival of Japan.
Festivities of Tanabata start on 7th July, when the long lost lovers (Orihime and Hikoboshi) reunite, thats so lovable and pure. That initiated me to know more about the background of the festival and asked Chef to tell more about the story. Let me share the story with you guys as well.

Orihime (Weaving Princess) who is daughter of Sky King, Tentei used to weave beautiful clothes by the bank of Amanogawa (heavenly river). Tentei cloth what she wove and Orihime used to work daily to weave beautiful clothes. However, Orihime was occupied in weaving clothes that she thought she will never find time to meet and love someone. Tentei got concerned about her and so got get to marry Hikoboshi a Cow Herder who lived across the Heavenly river. They both were in great love with each other. However, Tentei no longer got clothes from Orihime. Tentei got angry with this and seperated the lovers out of anger. Orihime got really sad and asked her father to reunite them. Tentei got concered with his daughters tears and told them that they can meet on 7th July, and the lovers got reunited again.
So guys on 7th July if you see the 2 stars together do make a wish, and they will make it true.
TeamSBN also  to wish granting tree at Yetaii

Story of these lovers lead to the Food festival

Yetaii, Shangri-La

Join us in the Love Filled Foodgraphy Journey through Tanabata

What was beautiful about the Appetier was it perfectly resemble me and Shalini, She loves Salmon and I love Tuna, so perfect combo for us and we relished the freshness of all the ingredients.

Salmon Carpaccio
Salmon, avocado, tomatoes, radish with Ponzu sauce

Maguro carpaccio
Yellow fin tuna carpaccio avocado, tomatoes, radish with Ponzu sauce


Again both the dishes were unique, they were serves with lattuce, fried garlic, spring onions and variety of sauces, idea was to make your own lattuce wrap with all ingredients, Since we were celebrating love me and shalini decided to create wraps for each other and check if we are able to make it upto the taste :)
Fun with food is always romantic, and guess menu was made that way to make lovers fall in love with each other again. Just perfect guys you have done awesome job.

Niku toubanyaki
Sliced Tenderloin belly, Tenderloin was cooked just the way I like it medium rare.

Kaisen toubanyaki
Prawns cooked to Perfection


Tori yakisoba
Chicken with yakisoba sauce

Spicy garlic kaisen yakisoba
Mix seafood with homemade spicy garlic sauce

Really loved the Spicy seafood noodles, we feel menu was designed really well by Chef since at this time we were craving for something chilli and wasabi :)


Sushi is something which we both love and Yetaii always does a great job with the variety of Sushi's they present on table, and the fresh salmon they procure is just perfect and makes for a great sushi. This course was no different and we enjoyed the freshness of Sushi and wasabi.

Hamachi toro nigiri
Yellowtail belly

Salmon toro nigiri
Salmon belly


We loved the seafood soup and will highly recommend the same

Tonjiru jiru (P)
Soup made with pork and vegetables, flavoured with miso

Ryousi jiru
Mix seafood and vegetables, flavoured with miso


Matcha Tempura Ice Cream
Yummy ice cream with Hot Tempura coating making it a great experiance to try.

Matcha Crepe
Combo of crepe with green tea ice cream, Green tea ice cream which Yetaii serves is really awesome and you have to try it next time you visit here.

So Guys, this is the time to celebrate love, fall in love,
Tell your loved ones how much you love them and
what better way to take them out for an awesome food date together.
If you and your partner are in for Japanese food, 
dont think any further head to Yetaii and celebrate Love with Tanabata.

Cheers to Love !!

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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