Finger Licking Good Food with a TWIST: Kopper Kadai

This week we planned for something Indian Authentic so we decided to visit

Kopper Kadai

Murg Malai Sooley

This boutique restaurant is located in the heart of city in the bustling street of Koramangala, is the brainchild of celebrity chef Akshay Nayyar, who mentioned that Innovation is the key for this restaurant and has some recipes dating back to as early as the 1930’s, these inherited delicacies have been created keeping in mind the taste and primordial style of presentation, with some mordern twists from chef Akshay.

Pankhuri Roti, Warqi Dal e Dastaan, Mastawa

Menu brings to the table the best of North West Frontier showcasing decade old signature recipes reminisce in the flavors of traditional spices. It is essentially inherited Indian food unified with modern culinary experiences.

Join us in this Foodography journey through dishes of North West Frontier at Kopper Kadai

Kebab Gali Se

Murg Malai Sooley -- Highly Recommended
Creamy Chicken strips, cooked at over 300 degrees in tandoor
Amazing presentation, it comes with fuming setup, and tastes wonderrful

Mutton Hatodi Parchey
Laal Maas created into kebabs 

Nawabi Galouti Kebab -- Highly Recommended
Amazing Galouti cooked to perfection, reminded me of Toondey Ke Kebab, Lucknow. 

Mal Mal Seekh -- Recommended
Good twist to regular seekh kebab

Sarson Ki Champey -- Highly Recommended
Tandoori Soya Chops with grainy mustard and lime
It was awesome to find these Soya chops in bangalore, they reminded of amazing chops from purani dilli, taste was amazing and very soft

Jorpuri Subz Galouti
Tawa vegetable and cheese patty with crispy chana jor garam

Challi Kolmi Kebab -- Recommended
Crispy corn and potato kebabs with sarson ki chutney
Great flavors combined in crispy kebab

Mutton Hatodi Parchey
Sarson Ki Champey

Mal Mal Seekh
Nawabi Galouti Kebab
Jorpuri Subz Galouti
Challi Kolmi Kebab

Main Course

New Delhi Butter Chicken -- Highly Recommended
This is to be tried if you love butter chicken, it was cooked to perfection

Cooker mein kukkad -- Recommended
Pressure cooked home style chicken, it had those flavors of home, reminded me of chandni chowk ghee cooked chicken

Bombay Blues Biryani
Bombay style spicy tawa biryani, topped with shrimps

Pankhuri Roti
Crispy paper thin roti

Kacchey Aam ki Karari Bhindi
Crispy Ladifinger tossed with ambi, onions and sliced ginger

Warqi Dal e Dastaan Dal
5 dal combined and cooked to perfection, as Chef mentioned, recipe is inspired by his uncle who used to carry this dal during railway journeys

Creamy Lamb and urad dal delicacy finished with mint and

Warqi Dal e Dastaan dal, Mastawa, Karari Bhindi, Raita
Cooker mein kukkad
Bombay Blues Biryani
Warqi Dal e Dastaan Dal

Chicken based Golgappe is worth mentioning, its something different which even after being from delhi, I tasted for first time and loved it, definitely a must try..

Looked what I called for after trying one Golgappa :)


Dilli Wali Fruit Cream -- Highly Recommended

Gulab Jamun Biskit -- Recommended

Batessa Cake

Nutella Dodhalava -- Highly Recommended


For drinks they have many amazing and crazy options 

ChatmolaFatafat -- Highly Recommended
Cola lime which will take you back to your childhood days, remember Chatmola and Fatafat :)

Patialey wali lassi

Smoked Lassi -- Highly Recommended
It was amazing twist to salty lassi, really loved it

Smoked Lassi
Smoked Lassi
Patialey wali lassi

Loved the copper containers they have kept on table for water

Here comes the Bill :)

Food at Kopper Kadai is a fusion of emotions, that will take you down the memory lane where your grandma is giving those small additions to your food which made it taste awesome. 

Highly recommend you to visit Kopper Kadai, I am sure you will not be disappointed..

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !!
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