How to drink your Coffee with Starbucks

Hi Everyone,

 It’s Monday, 8 o’clock in the morning. 
It was a late night and you have a 9am meeting. 

Coffee! I need coffee

 For many of us, just the mere thought of that first cup of coffee is enough to warrant crawling out of bed in the morning. The nascent aroma of a good blend alone can blast the sleepiness away for many.

My Coffee LIFTS me up, because coffee UNDERSTANDS my mood 

Many people drink coffee for one of two reasons, for the energy it gives or for the taste. 
Personally, I drink it for both of these reasons. 

A good cuppa coffee is an event any time.

Starbucks listened to us and here's.....
A new way for you to make your cup of coffee delicious

Welcome to Starbucks #MyMood #MyStarbucks
The campaign is an invitation to find that special personalized beverage which could relate to the varying layers of our daily emotions. 

 Since, coffee is best had with your girls, hence my GANG is there at Starbucks to enjoy the experience first-hand.

 #MyMood #MyStarbucks is centered around empowering the customer to explore a world of possibilities through customizations for their every mood.

It aims to help the customer discover their ‘own’ beverage by breaking down existing trial barriers and simplifying the steps of customization through the true beverage artists – the Starbucks partners.

Be it an extra drizzle of delicious syrups, 
some extra crunch or 
even a double espresso shot, 
customers now have the opportunity to artfully craft and 
finish each beverage to suit their every mood.

All you  have to do is follow 3 simple steps

1) Visit any Starbucks store between 5th – 25th April and 
fill out the customization cards available in-store; 

2) Share your mood and what beverage suits your mood best 
on the store community board and 

3) Get any two free customizations on your next beverage!

Give a BOOST to your HOT Cuppa and Remember ME :)

Till next time....Keep it STYLISH By Nature !! 
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